3 Expert Tips On Netgear Routers

Read this post to get aware of most helpful Netgear router tips and tricks. Here we have cover all the necessary information to help you achieve the best performance of your Netgear Router.Netgear Routers

                          Tip 1: Resolving Routerlogin net not working

Netgear routers are mostly used to connect several devices to the Internet. Or sometimes to configure a local network. Each router comes with some basic software, called firmware, which controls the configuration of the router. Access to this software is like access to a web page. You need to know the address of your router and the login credentials. The address for Netgear router is routerlogin.net or routerlogin.com.


When user try to access this Routerlogin Netgear page, it displays “page can not be displayed”, “can not be found” or “Routerlogin net not working” error. Here’s how you can deal with this:

  • Ensure that you are typing routerlogin.net into the address bar itself and not to the search engine’s toolbar.
  • Check the DNS settings and make sure that computer is correctly receiving the DNS that is transmitted by the router.
  • The IP address set on the computer might not be in the same range as the IP address of the Netgear router. So change the IP address of your computer to “automatically get” option.
  • Lastly, if you have the router CD give it a try else contact the support.


                                       Tip 2: Changing the Default Password


When you set up a Netgear router for the first time, you have a Netgear router default login credentials to manage your wireless network. Because this information is not private, anyone can connect to your network or router manager and compromise your security. So our first tip is changing the default password. Change the default password of your Netgear router to a unique password to make sure no one can access your network without your knowledge.

  • Go to RouterLogin.com to connect to your Netgear Router Manager.
  • Type admin and password in the prompted boxes, then click on the Submit button.
  • Click on “Wireless Settings” in the menu on the left side of the “Set Up” Router Manager.
  • Select the type of security encryption you want from the “security options” menu. This varies by model, but a description of each type of encryption is located on the right side of the router manager.
  • Click in the “password” field to automatically clear your current password.
  • Enter your new password in the field “Passphrase”, then click on the “Apply” button.
  • Wait for your wireless connection to restart and the new password to take effect.

 Tip 3: Configure a Netgear Router as a WiFi access point


Netgear router works great as WiFi Access Points. That is why our  next tip is to educate you on how to configure a Netgear router as the WiFi access point. For this, the steps given below are all that you need.

  • Connect the router to the network with its specific port (yellow, Internet).
  • Link up a laptop to the WiFi network created by the router .
  • Do not use the Netgear Up application on a smartphone because its setting options are restricted.
  • Now connect to the router with a web browser at routerlogin net login entering admin as the username and password as the password (default).
  • Go to ADVANCED and tap on Advanced Setup.
  • Click on Router, select AP mode and click Apply .


The router is now in access point mode and can be accessed in a traditional way to administer it by using its new IP in the web browser of a computer connected to the same network.


Kudos, now after getting aware with these pro tips you too have become a router expert. Comment below for any query.

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