4 Ways To Travel Like A Hippy

Are you looking to travel, but don’t have a lot of cash to spare? Save money on gas, hotels, and plane tickets with one, two or all of these methods. In addition to saving money you’ll also be doing your part to help save the environment.

Ways To Travel Like A Hippy

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Hitchhiking is the ultimate way to travel as a hippy. It’s cheap and you’ll meet really cool people along the way. You can safely hitchhike across the country as long as you do it right. Most importantly you should trust your intuition. If someone stops to pick you up and you get a bad vibe, then don’t get in the car with them. Tell them politely that you’re trying to get to a different destination than where they’re going, or perhaps you’re not feeling well. Don’t get in a car with someone who has been drinking. Secondly, make sure that you have plenty of supplies like, food, water, and a portable charger for your phone. Also, make sure that you’re thumbing a ride in a place where it is safe and convenient for someone to pick you up. Make a sign that is clear and legible so people know where you are going. I’ve had plenty of friends who’ve hitchhiked across America. They met cool people and saw some amazing sights.


Trains are a fantastic way to travel. Train tickets are fairly cheap, depending on your destination. Traveling by train is more eco-friendly than traveling by bus and you’ll see some pretty cool scenery along the way. Plus you get to get up, move around, and socialize with other travelers. Traveling on a train overnight will save you money on hotels. I’ve slept overnight on a train before and it was actually pretty comfy. Trains have a charm to them that airplanes lack. If you’re traveling through Europe you can get pretty much anywhere that you need to go pretty quickly. An hours ride and you’re suddenly in another country!


If you love to bike, then there’s nothing like riding a bike across the country. Biking is the most eco-friendly way to travel and you can go places that a car can’t. Biking is great exercise and you can also stop anywhere you want to. Pretty much anywhere you choose to travel you can find a good biking trail. Biking through the mountains is truly stunning and something everyone should try to do at least once. Once you bike across the country, you can’t wait to do it again I’m told.

Hippy Bus

If none of these methods of travel fit your needs you can always pool your money with your friends and buy a hippy bus! You can pack a bunch of people in a hippy bus, as long as everyone packs pretty light, which you should be doing anyway. Hippies have been traveling by bus for decades, ever since the first hippies followed the Dead across country. Traveling is always a fun experience, but it’s an experience that is easily made better when you’re with your best friends.

Traveling can be expensive but it doesn’t have to be if you travel smart and plan ahead. Make sure to travel safe and be prepared for whatever might happen. Most importantly, have fun. Happy traveling!

What’s your preferred method of traveling. Do you have any advice for fellow travelers? Share in the comments!

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4 Ways To Travel Like A Hippy
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