5 Reasons Why You Wish Your Wife Was A Hippie

Are we arrogant to think you wish your wife was a hippie? Probably. Maybe your wife is already already a hippie. Who knows. What we do know is that everyone wants the perfect wife. Everyone. But what is the perfect wife? Well, no one knows, but here are five reasons why a having a hippie wife or significant other is amazing.

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She’s A Free Thinker

Following the trends, hippies are some of the most independent and free thinkers out there. If you’re not looking for someone to just simply agree with you all day, it can be really nice to have a partner that will speak her mind.

A Minimalistic Touch

Frivolities are overrated! And your wife knows it. The little things that don’t add much aren’t important. Having a hippie wife keeps you simple & rooted. This can help improve your life in every way from finances to mental health.

A deep appreciation for life

Everyone appreciates things. But a hippy appreciates everything. From a walk in the woods to a meaningless rock that was picked up on the side of road because of curiosity. You know she isn’t expecting an expensive diamond ring & she actually values the relationship for you.

Homemade everything

Everyone loves a good homemade gift, right? Right. Hippies quite literally eat that stuff up. Maybe not a giant perk, but for someone who is decently creative and thoughtful that’s a must have quality.

Is your wife/SO a hippie? Let us know why you love them in the comments!

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