5 Ways To Experience The World More Completely

In this modern world, many of us are fairly self-absorbed, almost to the point of solipsism. We’re so worried about meeting our daily obligations to work, school, our families, and our relationships that we forget to stop and experience the world. Then you wake up one day, and you realize that you haven’t really been living. Don’t forget to take time and experience the world around you.

Experience The World

Don’t Wear Headphones Everywhere

Whether we’re commuting to work, or just walking around, we love to have our music with us. Our music is like the soundtrack to our lives. The problem with wearing headphones everywhere is that you tend to miss out on things. People won’t stop and talk to you if you have headphones in. You’ll miss out on people playing music on the street corner. Having headphones in deadens your senses to what is going on around you. You’re only focused on your music and your thoughts. Taking out the earbuds is a great way to get out of your own head. Don’t get me wrong, I love music, but the sounds of the world around you are also music in their own way. Of course, there are times where you do want your headphones in, like if you’re on the bus or subway, or you don’t want to talk to people, but surely you don’t need them in all the time.

Walk or Bike Everywhere

When you drive everywhere in your city, then you’re only seeing the roads that you are driving on. You’re missing out on opportunities to meet new people or see the little quirky things that make your city unique. Where I live, there are random pieces of artwork all around the city, that I wouldn’t see when driving. When you walk or bike places, then you can go where cars ca n’t.You’ll catch things that you’ve missed when you were speeding by at 35 miles an hour.

Talk To People In Person

When we’re on social media all the time, we are less inclined to interact with people in person. We figure that social media is providing us with all the social interaction that we need. Social media does not fill our need for real human contact. People are primarily connected to their phones, and as a result, they feel more isolated than ever. Instead of adding people on Facebook, try adding friends in real life. See bands that you like and talk to people there. Try striking up a conversation with someone at the farmer’s market. Who knows, that small conversation could turn into a lasting friendship.

Take Pictures

Now that all of our phones have pretty bad ass cameras on them, there’s no reason not to take pictures of the random things that you see throughout the day. If the sun is shining on the trees in just the perfect way, take a picture of it. Get a panoramic shot of the river that you’re walking next to. Take a picture of that cool art deco building that you pass by on your way to work every morning. Get pictures of the people that you meet, but make sure to ask their permission first. Everything has a potential to turn into art.

Go On Adventures

Many of us only leave the comfort of our homes to go to work, school, or run errands. Make it a habit of leaving your house just to get out. Go somewhere with no destination in mind. See where your journey takes you. You’d be amazed at all the things you see when you go out without the burden of knowing that you have to be somewhere.

When you take time out to experience your surroundings, you feel recharged and ready to take on life. You also feel like you’re actually getting a chance to live life, which is something that people sadly don’t get to experience as often as they should. You’ll feel happier.

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5 Ways To Experience The World More Completely
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