7 Best Wedding Decor Trends For 2019

Let’s get practical for once! Have you always been fascinated by the multi facetted celeb weddings? Did the wedding décor of their weddings give you your #couplegoals? What all the wedding venue décor ideas and images that you have been saving on your device? It’s your wedding, the moment that you have awaited for most. Finally the time for bringing those wedding planning ideas is here. Why put those ideas into action?Best Wedding Decor Trends

Wedding is a once in a lifetime moment that a person waits for eagerly. Every couple wants their wedding to be unique, one that sets them apart from the league. Upon getting hitched the very first thing that crosses a couple’s mind is the selection of the wedding venue and choosing its décor. Every couple aspires to get hitched in a mystical location offering a picturesque décor amidst a fairy tale like setting.

What are the ways in which we can add a dash of uniqueness to our wedding? This is one of the most essential questions that couples ask their wedding planners. A wedding décor is what spices up things at your wedding. Wedding decoration is the very first thing that a guest notices upon entering the wedding venue. The lavishness and grandeur of a wedding depends upon the type of decoration used.  You might have booked the wedding venue in Ludhiana, Pune or wherever you’re getting married but what about the decorations? Gone are the days when wedding decorations used to be traditional and simple, the changing times have revamped the concept of wedding decorations. The wedding decoration trends have made revolutionized the weddings. Here is a list of the best wedding trends that you need to look out for in 2019. Have a look at them!

  1. Minimalist DécorBest Wedding Decor Trends

Less is more! Minimalism is one of the most hyping wedding trends. Minimalist décor not just look simple and elegant but are also budget friendly. The traditional shimmery and glittery wedding décor have become a talk of the past. The changing times have made the couple to warmly embrace the minimalist trend. Right from lantern décor to floral accents to balloon décor minimalist décor is sure enough to spruce up things at your weddings.

  1. MonogramsMonograms

Customization of wedding décor adds the much need personal touch to the weddings. Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas made the trend of having personalized monogram logos at weddings popular by having their own NP logo embellished in gold motif on a white background. Monograms add a dash of romance to the weddings.

  1. Themed Décor

The enchanting charms of themed weddings have made it a popular wedding trend. Whether you are having a destination wedding or a traditional one, a wedding theme is what adds more beauty to your weddings. When you are opting for themed décor why not go for themed décor as well. Suppose your having a winter themed wedding then you can spruce things up by adding white and blue drapes, balloon and floral décor to it. The white and blue themed décor brings out a fairy tale like setting.

  1. Wedding Quotes

Have you got your heart set on a particular wedding quote or a love or life quote? Why not make the quote a part of your wedding décor. A rising wedding trend is have wedding quotes of your choice engraved on various wedding décor like a quoted invite, place holder card, stage backdrop and monograms.

  1. Floral Creations

The timeless beauty and charm of flowers never seems to fade away. Floral decorations at weddings never go out of fashion. From creating a traditional look to a modern avatar a flower décor owning to the variety and hues blend seamlessly with any wedding theme. Right from floral accents, flower arches to floral sculptures and table centerpieces the plethora of floral décor ideas makes it a popular wedding decoration idea. Floral decorations blend seamlessly with both tradition and modern style weddings.

These are a few wedding décor trends that have gained a lot of popularity in 2019. Do you know about any other wedding decoration idea? Tell us in the comments below about your wedding décor plans.

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