7 Reasons to Wear Flowers instead of Diamonds

There’s so much faith put into the price-tags of things nowadays that we sometimes confused worth with value. Many people consider diamonds, that are worth a lot money-wise, to be very valuable and representative of a symbol of love. Don’t be fooled by the worth of a diamond, consider the value of flowers instead! Flowers come and go, they are all unique, and each represents it’s own sense of beauty, check out those and some of our other favorite reasons to wear flowers instead of diamonds!Wear Flowers instead of Diamonds

1. Flowers are much more unique than diamonds

Flowers say much more about you than what a diamond says. Many, many people have diamonds, but not many know very much about them, they just know them as diamonds. Every flower has its own geographic locations of origin, every flower has it’s own story.

2. There are many more types of flowers than diamonds

There are dozens of types of flowers, so there are more than just a few options when considering what to get for whoever you want to show some appreciation for. There are plenty of colors, shapes, and combinations of the two to be sure to get exactly what you want for any occasion, or to express your individuality, unlike anything else!

3. It’s much easier for someone to pick flowers than to pick diamonds

You can’t really just walk out to your backyard and pick out a few diamonds for your girl, you know? But nothing really compares to that smile that she has when she realizes that you actually went outside, looked for something you thought was as pretty as her, and brought it back to her.

4. It’s not all about the price-tag

Diamonds are beautiful and pricy. Some people have gotten confused, believing that this combination of beauty and price is what determines the worth of gifts; you should know that whoever cares about you doesn’t care about how much you spent, just what the feelings and the thoughts behind the gift are.

5. Flowers better represent love and life

Just like you, a flower was brought up with care and has its own beauties and imperfections. It is unlike any other, a singular radiance of natural beauty, however, is still a vital piece of beautiful landscapes of other flowers. Whether you are alone, or in a bundle, you are an admirable being in your own right, whether it be your fragrant smell, pleasant image, or luminous shine.

6. Flowers are usually local

Flowers don’t live forever, and because of that, your flowers generally come from a local vendor. So when you’re buying flowers, you’re more likely to be supporting your community and spreading happiness to those closest to you!

7. Artificial diamonds aren’t even as cool as artificial flowers

Nowadays, we have the technology to artificially make diamonds, it’s the same exact item, but it doesn’t take years to create like natural diamonds do. From cheesy puns from plastic flowers to the lined-paper rose you got in eighth grade, flowers made by hand have always been as beautiful and filled with nature as real ones.

So go ahead! Get some flowers for your girl, your guy, your best friend, your mom, your brother, your teachers, whoever! A little piece of nature, of life, can be a much-needed shine in someone’s day. Share your reasons with us to wear flowers instead of diamonds!

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