7 ways to improve your fb posts

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms. In its initial days, it had no competition, but then its reign began to decrease. But with the recent acquisition of Whatsapp and popularity of Facebook-owned Instagram, Facebook has again become the top social media platform.improve your fb posts

For brands and entrepreneurs, it is one of the best tools to market their services and reach its users globally. Monthly active users on FB accounts for 2.38 billion people while daily active users account to 1.56 billion people as of March 2019. (Zephoria)

These numbers are enough for old and new marketers to make a proper strategy for FB. But the obstacles for entrepreneurs increased in 2014 when FB cleaned its feed to provide only quality content. This decision impacted a lot of brands and a survey by BuzzSumo in 2017, showed that user engagement on FB pages had fallen by 80%.

It is a big concern for every user who has a Facebook page promoting one or another product. Is there no way through which you can increase page engagement? Well, the answer lies in improving the quality of your post. If you improve your post, the engagement of our page will automatically increase.

Here are 7 tips that will help you improve your FB post.


  1. Post less

Posting less on your page can help you increase the page’s engagement because:

It gives you time to focus on your content and publish quality posts.

It lets you post consistently and find fresh content for posting every time.

  1. Create posts particularly for Facebook

Hashtags work on Instagram while Gifs works best on Twitter. But both of them work a little less on Facebook. That is why you need to spend some time and work out what types of posts work best on FB. Create your FB post here.

  1. Use videos

Videos and images are the best kind of posts that can increase the engagement of your page. A visual post grabs more attention, and it is especially beneficial for users who are new to the brand.

On FB, the reach and engagement level of Videos is unmatchable. Here are some tips for posting videos on FB:

  • Don’t post the link of your YouTube link video, instead post the video. It will increase the chance of the post getting more share and likes.
  • Include captions and subtitles in your videos as most people view FB videos without turning on the sound.


  1. Use the live video options

Since Facebook started the option of stories, live videos have become more popular amongst users. A study shows that user love to watch live video in comparison to the video that is no longer live.

Thus, as a brand, if you want to increase page engagement, post more live videos. To ensure that users watch your live video, publish a post stating the time when you will be coming live.

You can go live while launching a new product or to show behind the scenes so that people feel more close to you. Or you can show your office, weekly tips, breaking news, event glimpses and so on.


  1. Don’t hesitate to share curated content

There are two types of curated content that we can share- UGC and content from other brands. It may sound obnoxious to you, but when you share popular posts from other brand’s FB page on your page, you get more exposure.

Also, sharing user-generated content (Content made by users from your community) also makes for great posts and increases your page engagement.


  1. Recycling the post is a great idea

You can recycle the posts whose engagement level was high. Posting them again with a bit of twist can get you the same type of engagement or even more.


  1. Find the right time to post

If you publish a post on FB at a time when most of your followers are offline, its reach will be limited. Instead, post maximum on days and time when most of your demographic is using the social media platform.

For that, you will have to keep trying until you figure out which time and day works best for your page.


I hope these tips will help you improve your FB post, which in turn, will help increase your page reach.

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