A step by step guide to buying panties online

Buying exclusive and good quality underwear is mandatory. For women, having the right panty size determines comfort and suitability. Since there are lots of styles available in the market, you want to determine the perfect one that suits your preference. Online lingerie stores have all the benefits that can help women with buying their suitable size. Some of the most reliable online websites convey a wide range of styles and fits that work for all women out there. Therefore, to buy panties online, some of the common types are listed below.buying panties online

Types of panties available:

Classic innerwear’s are of various types. They are as follows:

  • Cotton panties, which are best for everyday use. These are best for daily work as well.
  • Polymere panties, which can be worn on an occasional basis.
  • Lace panties, which are required for your honeymoon!
  • Bikini, a two-piece lingerie set, for showing off your perfect body at the beach!
  • Body shorts for everyday wear!
  • High waist panties, for tucking in your tummy.
  • Low waist and mid waist panties.
  • Bridal panties.
  • Combo panties.

While all of the above-listed ones are some common variations, you can opt for any panty you like, depending on your comfort! Every panty has been designed with the best quality material in order to suit every skin type. Its rash-free technology has enabled its skin-friendly nature, enabling you to stay calm and relaxed all throughout the day. Wear these panties for all occasions and note the huge difference. You can rely on the online delivery service in bringing your lingerie right at your doorstep. Some of the websites also come with offers, where you can buy two panties online at the price of one!

How to choose the perfect panty size online?

In order to buy panties online, you must be sure of your perfect size. The size of all undergarments differs from brand and brand. In calculating the perfect panty size, try to acknowledge the following steps:

  1. Take a measuring tape and measure the entire butt area.
  2. Do not make the tape too tight or too loose and keep it straight around the butt. Calculate the size in centimeters in order to pick out the appropriate one online!

The sizes of panties available online:

The greatest advantage that you receive when you buy panties online is the size. Apart from the regular sizes, there is large-sized underwear available as well. Every online website has this possible solution and the sizes are thus listed below:

  • Small size, which can fit the hip size of 89 to 95 cms.
  • Medium size, which can fit the hip size of 95 to 99 cms.
  • Large size, which can fit the hip size of 100 to 104 cms.
  • Extra large size, which can fit the hip size of 105 to 109 cms.
  • Double extra large size, which can fit the hip size of 110 t0 114 cms.
  • Triple extra large size, which can fit the hip size of 115 to 119 cms.
  • Four Extra large sizes, which can fit the hip size of 120 to 124 cms.

The best part of buying undergarments online is the availability of free size panties. These are made of stretchable fabric that can last years and can be worn all day long. They can fit in all body sizes from small to even large ones. They are also available in prints and colors. It’s easy to wash these panties and the color does not fade as well. Therefore, brighten up your day by wearing the most comfortable panty for round the clock satisfaction!

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