Are you drinking pure water?

In India, contaminated water, also called water pollution, is a significant issue. There are many causes of water pollution–the most notable is untreated water that flows into our bodies of water. Some of this sewage penetrates the soil and also contaminates the groundwater. Indeed, 75-80% of India’s water pollution is due to national drainage alone.drinking pure water

A slew of damaging micro-organisms like bacteria, viruses, and protozoa, which lead to enhanced levels of waterborne diseases such as cholera, jaundice, and diarrhea, are caused by sewage in the water.

Note that your water source can also determine the contaminants currently in your drinking water. The existence of new-age contaminants is often the responsibility of water tankers and pipes. Even rust and corrosion of metal tubes and taps can lead to a high level of pollution of your drinking water.

All of these contaminants cannot be cleaned efficiently by any water purification technology. To adapt to your home water type, you need a particular water cleaner. You need to define a water purifier tailored for your own home to guarantee you and your family is drinking pure and healthy water

The water purifiers from Aquaguard come with advanced technology aimed at specific contaminants in your water supply. That implies you and your loved ones can enjoy completely healthy, secure drinking water with a water purifier from Eureka Forbes.

How Aquaguard RO purifies water?

Every type of water cannot be purified by a single technology only. It is essential to define the appropriate water purification technology to ensure that you and your family drink not only safe but also good water. The most important thing is to install a water purifier at your place. To know the best water purifier that will be suitable for you and your family, pick up the phone and call the Eureka Forbes Aquaguard service Centre and get all your doubts cleared. The sales team of the department will let you know about the different models available and the techniques they use to purify water. You can also get a live demo at the Eureka Forbes Aquaguard service Centre to check the purity of your water.


Water is the base of our life, and if it is not fit or pure, then it can lead to a lot of problems and diseases and can make you sick for a long time. Do not hesitate to throw away those age-old techniques of purifying the water and switch over to Aquaguard. The brand has been serving smiles to customers from an extended period. All you need to do is to book your visit to the Eureka Forbes Aquaguard service Centre and rest they will handle. Not only has this but Eureka Forbes also offered a facility of a free demo at your place. You have to pick up your phone and dial their number, and a tech guy will visit you shortly and show you the entire procedure that the purifier follows.

Drinking pure water is your right, and you must also create awareness to others who do not take this issue seriously.

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