Aspects and Key Elements of the Cabling System

If you are planning to start a new business then you have to keep a few things in mind. New business means a new office, a new building for sure. The new office may have many requirements like data wiring, voice & video wiring, electronic connections in the building for the most advanced form of telecommunication. Many computer network services companies have developed various standards for offering guidance in designing and implementing the wiring network. There are several things that need to be considered when implanting a wiring network like, entrance wiring, grounding, horizontal wiring, etc.

Implanting a cable system in a new business office is as important as other things like furniture, electronic devices are. A structured cabling system is important in an office because different devices are being used at a time. And running the majority of devices on a single network keeps you away from the hassle of multiple wirings. It also minimizes the downtime risk and maximizes the productivity of the system. If you have a better IT infrastructure, it helps in maintaining network integrity. You should hire a computer network services experts like chief information officer who will assist you with the structuring and architectural areas for supporting data and voice communication in the building.

There are different aspects and components of the cabling design that a computer network services expert such as chief information officer provides.

There are several basic elements of a structured cabling system:

Backbone cabling

Backbone cabling is the structured cabling system element provided by computer network services expert, that interconnects between multiple wiring closets. This element of structured cabling interconnects terminal space, equipment rooms, and entrance facilities. It is also known as vertical cabling. The backbone cabling has paths that permit the cable to be placed between the floors. An IT expert like chief information officer can professionally plant the backbone cabling. The backbone cabling includes backbone cables, cross-connects, jumpers, and mechanic terminations. If there is a small system consisting of 14 to 16 port routers, then there is no need for backbone cabling.

Telecommunication closets

All business offices should have at least one telecommunication closet for the hardware that is used to connect horizontal cables running from the work area to the patch panels. The computer network services expert will make sure that the patch panel is the basic component of the structured cable system. The IT expert like chief information officer will instruct his technicians to use appropriate cable routing and dressing for the effective organization of the cables.  It is also referred to as a computer room or wiring room. It is an area looks like a cabinet that contains terminations, equipment related to telecommunication, distribution equipment, etc.

Entrance Facility

Wiring should enter a building underground and should be enclosed in a 4-inch conduit. Usually, 4 or more conduits are needed to connect an entrance wiring to the manhole. The computer network services technician performs this task quite professionally. This is the entrance of any telecommunication system in the building. It connects the inside cabling system to the outside cabling components of the building.

Horizontal cabling

These are the cables from the floor wiring closet to different rooms or jack locations in the building. It is usually beneath the floor or above the ceiling. You should consider consulting computer network services expert like chief information officer for justifying the nature of the building for the structured cabling. The components include horizontal cable, jumpers, and patch cords. Horizontal cabling methods are ceiling trays, wiring hangers, conduit, etc. Horizontal cabling helps to establish connections between telecommunications and horizontal cables.

Floor wiring closet

A floor wiring closet is located on every floor to distribute electronic and cabling resources to that floor. More than one room is required for this type of closet if the floor is too large. The computer network services expert provides the professional establishment of the floor wiring closet.

If you have a well-managed cabling system, you will run a successful network. A successful network is key to a successful business. if you want your business to grow then you should also implant a structured cabling system for a sustainable network. The implantation of the structured cabling system is affordable as well as reliable.


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