Baby’s Bath: What You Do and Don’t Need

Bathing time can be a horror for new parents as they do not have the hands-on to handle their newborn baby.  A parent is also extra protective about their baby and bath time can be terrifying because mishappenings can happen. The water and the soap solution can irritate the baby and make them cry their throats out.

The things you need to keep in mind when it comes to making your baby’s bath time a memorable and easy one is explained below.

A secured bath place like a bathtub

A bathtub is one thing which needs to be taken care of for the safety of the baby. A safe and clean bathtub with additional features makes the baby’s bathing time a jolly one. A baby bathtub should be clean and have smooth edges for the baby to have a safe bath. The additional features available in the bathtub are temperature gauges to monitor the temperature of the water for the baby. The size of the bathtub matters as it should not be either too big or small making the baby uncomfortable or risky while bathing.

Baby wipes and clothes

The baby wipes and mild clothes will be used for the soft skin of the baby to remain calm and free from irritation. The choice of the baby wash is very important as they should be free from parabens and should not cause irritation or rashes on the baby’s skin. Mild soap and gentle shampoo go well for the baby and this should be chosen with the utmost care and proper reviewing of the product. Feedback on the product should be taken into account before choosing the product for the baby.


A smooth soft towel is always recommended for the baby’s skin as they should not be rubbed with harsh or dirty clothes. The towel should be cleaned properly and should be cleansed with scented fragrances to be enjoyed by the baby. The baby might feel cold after a bath and so they should be wrapped around with soft warm clothes making them enjoy the bath and after the experience. Before using the towel for the baby, they should be kept warm and dry to keep the baby warm and clean. The baby’s hair should also remain dry and clean and hence brush the baby gently with soft brushes.

The following things are to be kept in mind and should be avoided during bath time


This may not be required all the time by everyone because the temperature of the water in the bath can be checked personally with the help of the elbows which many parents do.

Another thing which is not required for any parent is a towel warmer because spending money on unnecessary stuff is not fair. Toys may be exciting to make the baby enjoy the bath with fun but it is not always safe for the baby which can be avoided.

Parents always care for their baby and the parents need to know things which are safe around the child and take good care of them.

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