Bid adieu to Packaged Tours

Packaged Tours have become a thing of past. The tour that comes with timings and limits of each and everything is boring. They leave almost nothing for you to do and discover the place on your own. It is not at all exciting and thrilling as the one you make on your own. Guaranteed, that you will have to do some research beforehand. You have to read about the place you are visiting, conveyances and stays. But, you can spend the rest of the evening on the spot you find appealing without having to worry about the bus timings or being left behind.Bid adieu to Packaged Tours

Make time for your own choices

With Uber cab services and goodies such as Uber offers, you can explore the place in the way you think is the best. You can stay in the places you find more comfortable. You can eat at a joint you find good and interact with people you find fun-to-gel with. So, all in all, you can spend your time the way you feel is worthy.

Believe it or not, packaged Tours are just like a drill. You wake up to leave by a specified time and eat at a place the agent chooses for you. You are allowed to spend a fixed amount of time at every tourist attraction and after the time has lapsed, you have to leave no matter what. You cannot explore the place on foot to your heart’s content.

You have to stay at a hotel, your agent gets the commission for. If you think about it, you can save a lot of money and end up enjoying way more if you plan your trip on your own instead of opting for any travel agent. The sense of independence and exploring the unknown land on your own in your is what traveling is all about.

Further, when it comes to the cost of the whole tour, packaged tours cost more than the self-planned ones. The agent earns commissions in every booking and reservation. Be it the activities or the hired conveyances, or food joints, and every other thing that comes in the ‘Package’; the agent will surely get his or her commission. Apart from the agent, the people involved in the whole chain will be having their commission.

Noteworthy Advantages

The food served in packaged tours as Tiffin is generally of bad quality and you get very few options. While traveling on your own, you can eat as per your taste and wish and stay at the kind of accommodation you like.

Uber Intercity has alleviated the situation a lot. It allows transit between different cities and has made it possible to plan travel at the last minute. You can sort the other things out on your way. Its customers can also benefit out of several Uber coupons for new users to attain maximum discounts while traveling.

Further, if you are worried about the accommodation, you can opt for clean BnBs. Apart from the cheap ones for the people traveling on a shoestring budget, there are lavish ones as well.

The travelers can book the accommodations of their choice such as apartments, shared apartments, rooms, villas, cottages, tents etc as per their budget and requirement. These accommodations are available at much lower prices as compared to the other hospitalities. They come with all kinds of services and are put online only after the host and the property has been verified. You can actually book the accommodation while traveling to the destination.

If you are traveling in a group, it is better to go on your own. This is because you are not afraid of getting lost in a new place or left alone in any problem.

So, say bye to the rigid travel packages made by some travel agent. Be your own travel planner and make a plan that excites you! For the transit, hired cabs are there that can take you anywhere you want and that too at any time of the day.

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