Use your old books to create awesome decor for your home!

Books, not only a great source of entertainment, history, and wisdom. Books are probably one of my favorite things, like, ever. However even I have to admit that there are some books that I just don’t read anymore. So every couple of years I go through my old bookcases, and decide whether or not I want to turn those classic texts into some classically awesome decor. As it turns out, books can ironically be great shelves! But that’s not all! Check it out:


scstyl ecaster

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Books dacor

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capture your style

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secrets of stylists

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Books never run out of use! Even though it might be hard to cut up your books or to use them as crafts, but think about the books you may have not even looked at in the past couple years, those are the ones that would be excellent for these projects! Got any more awesome book decoration ideas? Share them with us in the comments!

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