Choosing the Best Headlamps

Choosing The Best Headlamp & Good Information You Can Rely On!Best HeadLamp

Why do so many people use headlamps when it comes to hands free lighting? The answer is really simple. Over the past few years LED headlamps have become one of the most popular multiuse tools available. Headlamps enable anyone, from sports enthusiasts to handymen, the ability to enhance their vision in order to perform certain tasks.

Most headlamps are small, lightweight, easy to store and pack away in your backpacks, toolboxes or emergency kits. They provide hours of lighting for long periods of time, so that makes them one of the best investments for a piece of gear you can buy.

What Are The Features I Should Look For In The Best Headlamp?

There is no perfect LED headlamp out there. You should choose based on your specific needs, although Gear Creek’s headlamp comparison considered many variations and features on hundreds of different headlamps.

Some criteria that fit our headlamp of choice was an LED headlamp that boasts a minimum of 100 lumens of bright light for a good long range beam on high power and a good working light on low power combined with an emergency flashing mode for signalling help or distress. Other features we looked for in our search for the best headlamp were lightweight, comfortable, rugged, water and shock resistant, as well as affordably priced.

What Are The Most Common Uses For Headlamps?

We found that the best overall headlamp should be simple but practical and capable of multiuse and multitasking. Headlamps are widely used for outdoor sports activities, work environments and emergency situations. When choosing the best headlamp for you, consider the following:

For running, you need a headlamp that is lightweight, balanced and comfortable.
For camping, you want a powerful long range beam for working around the campsite, a low range beam for close up task lighting and an emergency flash feature to signal for help should you need it.
For hiking, you definitely want a super bright headlamp to light up those dark trails and good vision to find your markers.
The best headlamps are water and shock resistant, have adjustable head straps with a forehead cushion for comfort and a tilting lamp to put the light exactly where you need it.

What Headlamp Did Gear Creek Choose As The Winner?

Gear Creek chose the LED Super Bright Headlamp; it fits the bill and covers all the bases we looked for in a reliable, long lasting and durable headlamp. We liked its aluminum shell style and it packs all the features we wanted for an all around best headlamp.

Our Super Bright headlamp is not only a great investment but it will give you the piece of mind knowing that you have a good quality product that has many, many uses and you will never get caught in the dark without the right gear. Grab one today, they’re awesome! LED Super Bright Headlamp

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