Current Trends of Pharmaceutical Packaging and Beyond

Pharmaceutical packaging is a thriving industry, which is consistently expanding each year. With the current pace, the market is expected to have a growth with worth $128 billion in the next 5-6 years. While pharmaceutical companies are spending millions on creating life-saving drugs, the pressure on the packaging industry is also escalating. Providing the patients with safe, durable and reusable packaging isn’t an easy endeavor. The shifting trend of packaging towards going more eco-friendly and green is also one of the factors that medicinal packaging experts shouldn’t ignore. So here is the list of trends that need to be taken in serious consideration by medicine packaging industry experts!Current Trends of Pharmaceutical Packaging and Beyond

Detailed Medicine Packaging Boxes

If we take a glance at the number of deaths caused by wrong medication worldwide it’s staggering. Pharmaceutical packaging industry needs to take an initiative and act more responsibly towards this matter. Smart or detailed packaging should be the number one concern while designing the medicine boxes. All medicines should have their dosage, instructions, and symptoms to allergic reactions written in detail on the packaging. This would help a layman understand what can be the implications of taking an overdose of simple medicine. This should be made mandatory for pharmaceuticals to include inclusive information on the boxes.

Safe Packaging

Most of the medicines are formulated with chemicals that require a certain room temperature in order to work efficiently. Custom Medicine packaging experts need to be careful about the packaging materials they use as it can tamper the efficiency of certain syrup or capsules. Though a thin protective film coating is used as a safety seal on various medicines; it is important to ensure that only top quality stocks are used for manufacturing medicine packaging. Cardboard has been a popular material utilized for pharmaceutical packaging but there are a number of other options available in the market now. Features of various stocks should be compared and then the one with most resilience should be chosen.

Eco-Friendly Medicine Boxes

As mentioned earlier that eco-friendly packaging is the hottest trend for all industries. Pharmaceutical companies are also shifting towards recyclable packaging solutions. This would make the medicine packaging boxes easy to stock, dispose of and recycle. Most of the eco-friendly packaging is coming from kraft paper which is grown on the trees, so that makes it the safest stock option. Another advantage of having green packaging is that it is very light weight and can be easily carried anywhere.

Keeping Pace with Latest Packaging Needs

Pharmaceutical packaging experts need to keep pace with the packaging needs of the latest medicines. Every kind of medicine is different from the other and therefore requires a distinctive kind of packaging. Biologics are a different kind of med quite unique in its formulation, so the packaging for these ought to be special as well. These are being considered the future of medicine so packaging experts have to come up with something that can enhance their shelf life.

Constantly Improving Standards

Another important factor that the pharmaceutical packaging industry needs to consider for the future is being persistent with improving standards. Be it an injection, drip, syrup packaging or any other product, the medicine boxes need to be better in design and quality over time. This is important for medicine companies to retain their loyalty with the customers and keeping a certain brand image for themselves. Customers are wary of marketing and advertising tactics. Product packaging is something that they can easily check out and this is the reason investing in packaging is a great way to build rapport with them.

Medicines are widely needed at hospitals and homes, their packaging needs to be purposeful and easy to use and stock up for the users. Pharmaceutical companies need to incorporate the element of customer convenience in their packaging; safety locks should be included along with cautions’ notes. Pharmaceutical packaging industry also needs to familiarize itself with the latest printing trends. It is really important to know what is new and happening in the printing industry. This would make the packaging experts well-acquainted with the contemporary customizations and other developments so they can add a striking appeal to the packaging.

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