Do you have the right discount fishing supplies in your tackle box?

Whether you are fishing in a small stream, the ocean, or anything in between, there are a few discount fishing supplies that you have to have in order to have success. Well we know what you need to get started. On this website you will find many articles on fishing tips and recommended supplies and we even have links to sites that offer the best deals on your discount fishing supplies.Image result for fishing supplies in your tackle box

Fishing Pole-A.K.A. rod & reel

This category is a very wide variety and free ranging one. There are so many different setups, combos, and ways you can go about picking your rod and reel. It all depends on what kind of water you are fishing, what kind of fish you are mainly after on that specific outing, and of course, how much money you have in that wallet. You’re best chance is to try to get that on pole and that one reel that covers the majority of the fishing you will do.

The spin cast reel is probably your best bet. They are a little tricky to get used to at first, but if you fish for many different species and many different areas, this is the most versatile type of reel you can buy. There are many sizes and strengths that poles come in. A six foot rod and medium stiffness of the spine on your pole would be your best bet for most freshwater fish such as bass. First you must decide what fish you are after and in what type of body of water you are fishing. Those will determine what fishing gear you need to buy.


You may start out at the local bait shop and start with live bait, which is the easiest but not exactly the cheapest way to fish. It is excellent for starting though, you cannot go wrong with actual bait of what the fish are eating. With your other equipment, you may want to try to use artificial bait. It is harder, nothing wrong with a challenge though. You get to reuse the lure more than likely after catching that fish. In the long run many people enjoy using lures. Then again, there are certain types of fish that do not play that game. Such as catfish, in this case live or dead bait, is probably the only way to go. Lures definitely are a good way to go for bass, walleye, musky, pike, and saltwater fishing.

Other things to considerbest-fishing-tackle-box-keeping-your-gear-organized

Do not forget to go without that fishing licenses! When you buy your pole you may or may not want to use the fishing line you are given with the reel or they have not given you any. For about five bucks you can get almost any type of line you want and it should do the job. With lines, it depends on the persons preferences.

There are many types of discount fishing supplies out there, but using the right ones is what separates the expert anglers to the amateurs!

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