Four Major Applications of Line Reactors

We all know that a reactor is simply like an inductor which helps in limiting the rate of change of current in the whole circuit. While you may find several types of reactors available with reactor manufacturers such as shunt reactor and smoothing reactor, line reactor is one of the simplest types of reactors, which is connected in series to lower the current spikes and limit peak currents. Here, we will discuss some of the top reasons for using a line reactor in the circuit. Let’s check out them.Four Major Applications of Line Reactors

Used for buffering

In a circuit, there are certain elements like switchgear, contactors and disconnectors that cause line transients when inductive loads, e.g. motors, are switched off. This may result in voltage spike at the input to the drive that further ends with a surge of current at the input. If the voltage spike is high enough, semiconductor devices may fail or damage as they are very sensitive to current surges. Therefore, sometimes, a line reactor is used at the input to buffer from the line. Neither it fixes grounding issues, nor it provides isolation but it provides some buffering so that protection devices get sufficient time to react safely and lower the damage chances.


Used to reduce harmonics

Most of the six pulse drives are nonlinear loads and they tend to draw current only at plus and minus peaks of the line. But the problem is that the current wave is not sinusoidal which means it contains harmonics. In such situations, a line reactor can be installed so that peaks of the current are reduced and somewhat broadened out. This act makes the current to be more sinusoidal as the harmonic level is reduced. This effect is also advantageous in DC filter capacitors.


Used to increase load inductance

Installing a reactor at the output of the drive is sometimes essential. It is because if the motor has low leakage inductance, a line reactor will help in bringing the total load inductance back up to the point that a drive can handle without any issue. In some cases where a strange motor configuration is used or a motor with six or more poles is installed, the motor inductance might be very low and therefore, there will be a need for installing a line reactor. If more than one motor are used, then also you will need to fix a line reactor at the output.


Used to reduce the effect of reflected wave

Sometimes, a reactor is installed at the drive’s output so that it can prevent a reflected voltage spike when long motor leads are needed. In these conditions, a reactor can slow the frequency of rise of voltage which will be beneficial. But, it will not limit the peak voltage at the motor. If a reactor is installed at the output of drive, it means that it is most probably the part of specially designed reflected wave reduction device that has damping resistors in parallel also. When installed at the output, a reactor must be positioned as close to the drive as possible.


If you are also in need of a line reactor or want to buy a reactor that is designed specifically for your application and in accordance with your customized specifications, contact only a reputed and experienced reactor manufacturer to save your money and time and avail a high quality reactor.


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