Have the right stuff with white bass fishing lures

White bass can be caught using artificial lures and live bait, using both is a whole another story. However I think the best white bass fishing lures is always jig with a small live minnow. Rigged with a slip type float for suspended fish or weighted with an appropriately sized weight and fished on the bottom, is a good choice at any time.

Many artificial presentations work-well, but choosing the right one for the specific conditions is a skill. When white bass are in deep water, jigging spoons and lead tail-spinners work best. Probably the most popular artificial lure for white bass is a leadhead jig. Jigs from 1/16- 1/4 oz. tipped with a minnow or appropriately-sized plastic trailer will work well.bass fishing lures

Small bucktail and marabou jigs also are effective. White, yellow, orange, and light blue are popular colors. Use the right size jig for the depth of the water you are fishing. For example, when the fish are in shallow water tributaries and light current, a 1/16-1/8 ounce jig drifted with the current should be ideal. If you are fishing in deeper water in the main lake or river channel, a larger jighead would be appropriate.

Other popular bait choices include small crankbaits and lipless crankbaits, tube jigs, spinners, and topwater lures. These baits are very popular when white bass are schooling during the summer. Which white bass do school well near mouths of rivers in the summer, during the spring they will be in the rivers, jigs are the best choice for this season as well.

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