How to bag that big gobbler with the right turkey hunting supplies

Turkey hunting supplies can be a very stressful thing to shop for, especially when that opening day is right around the corner. The main problem is that there are so many different types of calls with so many different brands and every one has supposedly the “best” calls around. Well I have tried my hand at turkey hunting and you need every advantage you can get. We don’t need to go into the turkey woods with a call that we are not fully confident in. So have no fear, the simple calls are here.Image result for turkey hunting

Turkey hunting supplies are online and you can count on certain top brands such as Knight & Hale, Primos, H.S. strut, and Quaker Boy to come calling to your aid. With the right calls at the right time, any turkey hunter can sound like the best in the business.

First of all you should know that there are five stages that a spring turkey goes through. Depending on the part of the country you live in and the time of year your local season opens, you can enter the woods prepared and fully confident that your equipment to hunt turkeys will call to perfection. Now everyone knows that certain must have hunting equipment are calls, camoflauge, and a dependable weapon. But it’s crucial that you believe in your strategy and minimize mistakes.

During certain phases of the spring turkey season calling needs to be very soft and used sparingly. That’s when diaphragm calls and slate calls are at their best. When the peak of the turkey breeding season is in effect, just about anything will work. Box calls, push n pull calls, diaphragm calls, and slate calls. For beginners I recommend the new push and pull calls such as the Knight and Hale lonesome hen. They are very mistake free and they are really effective. As for locator calls, an Owl hoot tube in the morning and a crow call for the rest of the day’s hunt should do the trick.

Turkey hunting supplies are very inexpensive and it’s worth opening up a new opportunity to get out in the woods. The best supplies will bring you one step closer to the Gobbler you’ve been dreaming about the whole year. Don’t be afraid to buy the top brands online. Hunting gear, like anything online, are delivered right to your door and you can trust that the top name brand calls will work for you. Many are made with the entry level turkey hunter in mind.

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