How to keep your skin healthy in winter?

Almost of all us, must have faced problem of dry skin in winter. Once winter comes, our skin starts becoming dry, itchy and irritated. There is not a way around to cope with this, as the outside chilled air makes your skin dry and the inside heat sucks all the moisture from your healthy in winter

Even when you sit around the fire to grab some heat, the moisture from your skin goes out. Not only this, even a hot shower takes away all the natural oils from the skin. But you can make your skin healthy by following numerous. Just with a small change in your daily routine, you can have moist skin free from dryness all over the seasons.

So, here comes some of the tips which can help you get moist skin and you can keep your skin healthy.

Tips to get Healthy Skin in Winter

Using Humidifier

Using a humidifier in your office and home is the best way to be moisturised all day long. Try to use humidifier in those rooms where you spend most of your time like bedroom. Humidifier adds moisture to the dry air which keeps your skin hydrated.

Keep your Central Thermostat lower

The biggest mistake we all do in winter season is keeping the thermostat level at a good heating point. This is not right, try to keep it between 68°F to 72°F to keep your skin healthy.

Lessen Your Shower Time and Hand dryer use

What happens in winter? The all we need to take a long hot water bath or steam bath. But do you know that hot water is not good for your skin and even takes out all your skin moisture. So, try to have a 10-15 minutes’ shower only and apply moisturizer instantly after taking bath.

Also, try to use hand dryer as less as possible as it also takes away your skin moisture. Take out your hand when it’s a little dump rather than making it perfectly dry.

Use Gentle and Fragrance free cleansers and Gels

The regular soaps that we use often contain some of the ingredients which are irritating. Apart from this, some of the soaps also contain fragrances which are irritating, so try to opt for fragrance free cleansers and gels.

The other way is to use less soap during winter. Try to use only on the areas required most like armpits, hands, feet and genitals.

Moisturize your hands frequently

Maintain yourself healthy by using moisturizers after every hand wash. Its better if you use gloves while washing dishes and cleaning home. Using moisturizers after each wash can help your hand be moisturised throughout the day.

If you do not know the best moisturizer for dry skin in India, then follow here and get one for you.

Wear comfortable and Non-irritating clothes

Most of the winter clothes are annoying to the skin, so always try to wear those clothes which are comfortable to your skin. Try not to expose your skin directly to the woollen clothes.

Apart from this, wear light clothes and then put pull over or sweaters. Also, keep your gloves on to protect your hands from chilly cold.

Change your Wet clothes as soon as possible

Wet clothes do not only is the main reason for getting cold but also cause a lot of skin diseases and irritation. Therefore, change your wet clothes and gloves as soon as possible when they are wet.

If you still feel irritation on your skin, then use 1 percent hydrocortisone cream. If you do not see any improvement in a week then consult a doctor.

Wrapping it Up

Now you must have understood that keeping your skin healthy in winter is not so difficult, you just have to follow a proper routine and use best moisturizers which suits your skin.

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