How To Treat The Scars

Scars can happen because of a lot of things. There can be acne scars which are very common these days or else there can also be scars because of sudden injuries or a surgery. Now, if these scars are not treated properly then they can change into permanent marks.

There are many medicated creams and lotions available in the market which one can use. There is no scars cream for men which one can use on a regular basis so that they can reduce the scar marks and also lighten them.

But there are some home treatments and non invasive treatments for scars as well that one can try.

Silicone sheets and gel

This can be effective on old scar marks. There have been a lot of studies regarding it and it has been said that the silicone sheets work best on the hypertrophic scars. There are topical silicone gels available as well which one can apply on the keloid scars as well. One can get them over the counter at any drug store and if one wants they can ask a doctor as well before using them.

Onion extract

This is a very popular natural remedy element when it comes to scars. One can extract onion juices from a freshly cut onion and then apply it on the scarred area. This can soften the scars and reduces the redness of it. If one uses this for at least a month and that too once on a regular basis then they can get to see much better results.

Chemical exfoliators

A lot of medicated creams and serums have exfoliants. They can smooth the uneven skin that happens because of the scars and it also reduces the dark appearance produced by them. There are certain peels available which have glycolic acid and they do make a lot of improvements over the scars. They are the best when they are used on atrophic acne scars.

 Sun protection

Though this will not reduce the scar marks but it will definitely help the scars to not become worse and deal with the natural fading process. One needs to use proper sunscreens before going out of the house and use sun protected clothes so that the old and new scars remain covered always.

There are some other remedies as well like using Aloe Vera gel, olive oil or coconut oil on the scarred area to lighten them. If not, then one can use top scar creams to treat the scars.

But the primary thing that one must do is to take care of the wounds or the acne so that the scar never happens at the very first place. For that, one has to keep the wounded area clean and moisturize it at a regular interval. There are some scars which might not be avoided but it can definitely be cured by taking proper care.

No matter what, one has to be very careful on what they use for scar prevention because not all creams and lotions work on them.


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