Innovative Packaging Trends for 2019

The packaging is the key to any successful business, and if you succeed in making good quality packaging boxes, you will be able to take over the market very easily and in very less time. Since there are a lot of companies who have all ready to come to this realization and have started making their packaging better, trends are coming out every other day.

These trends are not only making the packaging boxes look good, but they are also adding more value to them and helping everyone get more creative with it.

The very first box to be ever created was the cardboard box, and it came out in around 1800s. Since then, a lot of different kinds of boxes have been launched in the market and the latest trend these days in the market is the eco-friendly packaging.

Eco-friendly PackagingEnvironmental Friendly Packaging

This packaging is the most in trend in 2019 as the environmental issues are rising every day in our world. People are throwing out their waste materials and giving rise to the pollution, which is causing our ozone layer depletion and many other problems.

Eco-friendly packaging is helping us save our earth and our environment by using the good material in our packaging boxes. These boxes have been in the market since 2017, but they took a major height in 2019. They are being made by every kind of packaging company and are used by all sorts of business owners to promote their products in the market as much as possible. If you are not making these packaging boxes eco-friendly anymore, then a lot of people would lose interest in your products.

Pillow BoxesPillow Boxes

Pillow boxes are a design of boxes, which has been introduced in the market to make your products look better. You can pack you any product in them whether it is soap or a gift. They come in many different styles and sizes. It is perfect for packaging and managing your products.

If you are still confused that which product packaging boxes you should use for your new products, then stop worrying and go ahead with the pillow boxes of your favorite style.

You can print them in very different prints and colors to use them for any purpose that you like and create something new out of the simple boxes only.

Bold logosPillow Boxes

While the logos have always been trending, the new trend in 2019 is the bold logos. People used to try to keep their logos as calm as possible and as simple as they could to not create any issues, but now, people are getting bolder and more stylish with their logos. They are not only creating good quality logos but making them highlight the whole product.

Bold logos do not mean some bold colors used in them, but they can have a lot of other things too such as bold letters or bigger and better designs.

Handle BoxesHandle Boxes

These boxes were not given much importance previously due to several reasons, but they are now taking the whole market by storm. The boxes were previously being carried in the shopping bags, but now that trend has been outdated, and the boxes are being made with the handles on them.

They are not only much about the style, but they are very much practical too. If you are getting the handle boxes, make sure that you are not going to put a lot of weight in them as they can get spoiled otherwise. If you think that the boxes are strong enough and they can manage the weight, then you can put as much as you want in them.

You can get them for any purpose. Whether you are running a food, franchise or you deal with the cosmetics. All of these fields can be very easily covered by using the right kind and quality of the boxes.

Simple PrintingSimple Printing

While bold printing was very much in style in the last years, people now prefer the boxes and the packaging, which has been printed. There is not a lot of time for people to go on and pick out the product for them out of hundreds of them. If all of the products are being printed in the flashy content and colors, the customers would get confused and would not be able to make a choice.

When trying to stand out of the market, it is important that you do everything required to do so. It can involve you either making your boxes too flashy or too simple that people can spot you.

Making your boxes simple does not mean printing them all in some boring colors or not using enough colors. It just means printing your boxes in the designs and patterns that no one else is adapting. You can go on, print one color on your whole box, and print your logo at one side of your box, and it would then just work fine.

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