Is smoking marijuana while pregnant safe?

Any user of cannabis can tell you the benefits that they personally experience. From anxiety relief, to nausea relief, to sleep aid, and others depending on the strain. It’s easy to see how marijuana can be claimed as a beneficial medicine for sufferers of chronic-pain, insomnia, stress, loss of appetite, nausea, etc. For those who are conscientious of about putting artificial medicines into their body, cannabis can seem even more attractive as a natural alternative. One group of people who tend to experience a multitude of symptoms that marijuana is said to aid is women whom are pregnant.

marijuana while pregnant

No pregnancy is alike any other, where expecting-mothers can experience anything from nausea to weird food cravings, from fatigue to anxiety; marijuana seems an opportune product to tackle some of the adverse affects of pregnancy. However, with the growing popularity of recreational marijuana use, people are still looking for science to point out the actual facts of how cannabis effects the body. One question that has been the subject of multiple studies is the effects that marijuana has on fetuses during pregnancy, and how it affects the mothers of those babies. Some studies have claimed that smoking marijuana during pregnancy can lead to a lower birth-weight, and some others claim that it leads to less-attentive children as they grow up.

 Recently, the AMA proposed a policy requiring cannabis products to be labeled with a warning for pregnant mothers, “Marijuana use during pregnancy and breastfeeding poses potential harms.” There are similar labels as this on products like tobacco and alcohol, however other products tend to have more serious warnings due to the fact that there are no confirmations of the claimed dangers of smoking marijuana while pregnant as of now.

So what’s the bottom line? There are experts on both sides of the debate, but the consensus can be said to be that there is no consensus. If you wish to be without risk at all, you might want to consider cutting out the marijuana during pregnancy, however there are also studies that have claimed that a few joints during pregnancy never hurt nobody. As with many of the choices you make in life, it’s all about the degree of risk you’re willing to live with.

Have you smoked during your pregnancy? Do you believe some studies over others? Where do you stand on this debate, share your thoughts in the comments!

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