Kickboxing Workout for Women

Kickboxing workout is a very intense and calorie-burning workout. It is one of the best cardiovascular exercises. With kickboxing workout, you can effectively increase your stamina, flexibility, and strength.

Only 30 minutes of kickboxing workout for a couple of times per week effectively decreases the chances of cholesterol and heart disease. Though the arena of kickboxing is mainly man dominated, nowadays a very large number of women are showing interest in kickboxing. You may also need to take care of variancetv error while using this plugin.

They are using kickboxing workout to lose weight and tone up their body. Kickboxing burns fat very effectively and efficiently. But first of all, you need to learn the basic moves correctly. Otherwise, it may create problems later on.

Why You Should Choose Kickboxing:

If weight loss and fitness are your targets then kickboxing can be your ultimate choice. It tones your body, especially your legs and butt. In kickboxing, you mostly strike using your legs and it makes your legs and butt superbly toned.

Moreover, unlike other forms of workout kickboxing focuses on your internal energy and makes you a better and vibrant human being. Learning kickboxing gives you other benefits too, such as better self-defense and increased confidence level.

Here Are Some Kickboxing Workouts For Women:

Set up a Routine:

Fix a workout routine for yourself and follow it dedicatedly. 30 minutes intense kickboxing workout three times per week is enough to get you the desired result. But before that, you should learn the basic stances from an expert.


Stretching before a workout is necessary as it decreases the risk of injury as well as prepares your body for the intense workout. Moreover, stretching increases your flexibility level and energy.

Breathing And Relaxing:

During the workout, you need to relax your body completely and should try to breathe out with each punch. Beginners tend to complete the whole set in one intake of breath. It makes them tired and they find it difficult to complete a bunch of sets without taking rests in between.

Learn The Basic Stances:

Practicing your stances in front of a mirror is a good option as it allows you to rectify your mistakes. You need to be careful about some basic rules. For instance, your foot should be positioned correctly; you should use your hands to protect your chin, etc. Look at your reflection and practice hard.


From beginners to seasoned fighters everyone use kicking. Learn the basic kicking techniques carefully. Once you master the basic techniques of kicking then only you should attempt to learn the advanced techniques. You should learn the basic kicks like the front kick, side kick, turning kick and ax kick at first. These moves are the most used and most effective.


Your primary goal should be learning the right technique first. Try to incorporate speed and accuracy. Jab, cross, hook, and uppercut these are the basic punches of kickboxing. Once you master the basic punching techniques then you may try the combination of three or four punches.


Your footwork plays an important role in your defense technique. Power can also be generated from footwork. So, you need to work hard to make your footwork accurate. Kickboxing is a fabulous way to get a fit and toned body. But you should not do it just as a workout. Enjoy every moment of your kickboxing practice session and try to have fun doing it.

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