Mountain bikes: how to choose the right one among the best

Everyone has their own ways to get through the roughest moments in their life. They are all very individual but there is one that suits almost everyone. That would be a mountain bike which lets you easily overcome obstacles en route.

When it comes to choosing your best mountain bike, you are faced with the choice of several categories. The most popular ones are XC bikes, all-mountain bikes and 29ers. Before narrowing your choice to a particular category you should define whether you use you mountain bike for transportation or you are more of a recreational mountain cycler.Mountain bikes

In the first case you probably like taking long cycling trips and the reason you have laid your eyes on mountain bikes is that sometimes you need to struggle through obstacles the unknown roads can present. In this case you need to pick cross-country bikes (they are also called XC bikes). Most of these bikes feature lighter frame. And their light wheels ensure maneuverability. A standard XC mountain bike has suspension only in the front and consequently is easy to maintain. So the rule is: less suspension – less stress.

An XC mountain bike is a fairly perfect choice. The reason is its multifunctionality. Several years ago these bikes were ideal mostly for cross-country rides, but newer models boast dual suspension and can easily manage pretty rough terrains. Still if riding a bike is more of a sport for you, and the more rugged the terrain is the better it is for you, opt for all-mountain bikes or 29ers.

All-mountain bikes have the reputation of being the most durable among the mountain bikes. They also boast outstanding suspension.

Those who prefer challenging paths when cycling are often looking for big wheels – they are easy to find. There is a special mountain bike category called 29ers where 29 stand for the size of bike wheels.

When choosing a mountain bike, apart from your cycling lifestyle you should consider your own physical characteristics. Like, if you are of height less than 5 feet and 6 inches, then a bike with large wheels wouldn’t be your perfect choice. And in case you are a woman you may pick your mountain bike among special women variations with a comfortably designed saddle.

If hours of looking through reviews and all the above-mentioned tips haven’t led you to making your final choice in favor of a particular mountain bike model maybe your perfect bike hasn’t been invented yet. Still that’s not a problem for a determined mountain bike shopper – one can buy a frame and complete it with a special bike kit (a wide variety of them is available) and as a result you will get a unique mountain bike which meets all your requirements.

Defining the price range for your bike is vital. The price range is fairly wide: from cheap hundred-dollar bikes to high-end models which are worth several thousands. Expensive bikes are well worth the money one spends on them: their components feature perfect durability and don’t require any upgrades. So decide what your priority is – low price or good quality – and make your choice.

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