Must to Consider Robust Action Verbs for Your CV or Resume

The CV is the document which is your salesperson and will market you to the tentative employer. The significance of CV is further enhanced because on the basis of this piece of the message it will be decided by the recruiter or employer whether to call you at all or ignore you. Recruiters are overburdened with the piles of CVs. To draw the attention of the employer your past is the main instrument with you. In case you do not have enough experience then you can claim high goals and objectives.

If the CV is written in a dull language, it does not attract the employer and get neglected. Some action verbs with their dictionary meanings and explanation are being written in this article. The candidate preparing a CV has to make his own decision which words can support his cause.

Action Verbs in a CV for Management

  • Structured. Provide a structure to an organization. Structure implies the main framework of a setup.
  • Broadened. This stands for making or becoming broader. It has many shades like liberalized, large in extent from one side to the other, explicit and tolerates.
  • Classify. To arrange in separate classes or categories as per laid down criteria. It also applies to documents such as confidential, secret, top-secret and state secret, etc, etc.
  • Tabulated. Arranged facts or figures in a tabular form.
  • Specified. Named or mentioned expressly or as a condition or to include into specifications. It is a skill and only with knowledge of the field one can do it.
  • Organized. Gave an orderly structure to something, or made arrangements for an initiated.

Action Verbs for ‘Helping’ in a CV

  • Familiarized. Made a person or group well acquainted, or conversant.
  • Assisted. Help someone normally used to indicate a subordinate position.
  • Rehabilitated. Resorted to the effectiveness or normal life. It can be through training, guidance or other help.
  • Demonstrated. To explain or show in details by experiment, practical. Logically proved a truth or existence. There are separate appointments of demonstration in various organizations.
  • Diagnosed. Identified the cause of a mechanical fault. It is also used in the mechanical field for diagnosis of different diseases etc. at times the sick industries are also given for a test so that the roots of sickness can be diagnosed.

Action Verbs for Research in a CV

  • Investigated. Inquired into, examined or made a systematic inquiry into something for findings the facts or reasons.
  • Modeled. A person who acted as a model or leader simplified the description of a system. Assisted in calculations and pre-conditions. As the role model implies a leader’s figure.
  • Interviewed. Orally or a line examined a candidate, job seeker or an employer, etc, etc.
  • Conduct. Lead or guided to, through an activity, or manner towards managing a business. This term also very broad meaning. It can include research or guidance towards a certain destination.
  • Resolved. Decided firmly, caused (a person) to this or solved, explained or settled a dispute, etc through argument or a meeting.
  • Summarized. Made a brief account of any happening without details or formalities.

Action Verbs for Technical CVs

  • Calculated. Ascertained or forecast especially by mathematics or reckoning. It also means deliberated on a future plan.
  • Designed. Made or preliminary plan or sketch or plan. This is also a very broad term, including the arrangement of the layout of the product.
  • Surveyed. Examined something as a whole or determined the boundaries, extent ownership. It also includes a geological survey for exploration of mines etc.
  • Concluded.
  • Determined. Found out or established precisely. Decided or settled. It also means resolute.
  • Derived. Got or traced from a source, indicate or show the origin of the same thing. A mathematical term but also used in logic.

Action Verbs for Showing Creativity in a CV

  • Invented. Created by thought. Normally used for original ideas creations.
  • Revitalized. Imbued with new life and vitality. It also means strongly re-enforcing some system or company etc.
  • Establish. Set up a business organization or public institution. Achieve permanent acceptance for a custom etc on a permanent basis.
  • Illustrated. Provided a book with pictures or elucidate by drawing, pictures, sketches, and examples, etc.

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