OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper Review


Shaving and grooming are the cornerstone of a sleek, professional and sexy look that is paramount in modern day society. Such an important aspect of our lives deserves a high-quality product to accompany the process. Getting the perfect look is never easy, but a set of high-performance clippers can at least make the process more convenient and tolerable over consumer grade options that result in poor outcomes and heightened frustration. This article is a review of the Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper and will be deciphering what makes it a good set of clippers and what you may need to be aware of before you purchase.Oster Professional 76023-510 Fast Feed Clipper

What is the Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper?

The Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper is one of Oster’s primary shaving products, which aims to provide a set of high-quality clippers without the irritating noise and lack of adjustability that is commonly seen in cheaper products. With the aim to eliminate common issues that men face when it comes to clippers, the product is undoubtedly a major step up from consumer-grade products and cheaper alternatives. As you will see, the features list is rather extensive and should prove as more than substantial for both professional stylists and the everyday consumer.


  1. Comes complete with 4 brushes, brush, sharp edge oil and plastic edge protection;
  2. Advantageous, flexible edge to empower you to adjust the length of cut from a nearby #000 to medium length size #1;
  3. You don`t need extra blades;
  4. Hearty and great hold, and simple taking care of;
  5. Quiet pivot engine.


As aforementioned, the clippers are notably quiet, making use of the Whisper Quiet Pivot Motor providing low noise production, whilst maximising productivity. This has proven as a God send when it comes to getting ready in the morning, when the kids are still asleep or after a hangover and the last thing you want to hear is a constant buzzing echoing around your head. Additionally, the blades are surprisingly efficient with thicker hairs and apparently makes no distinction, regardless of your hair type.

The extra adjustability of the blades makes light work of previously hard to reach areas of the face and neck, without worry of accidentally slicing part of your chin off. It also makes these clippers preferable for other areas of the body, which are difficult to manoeuvre around, without a great deal of confidence and determination. The ease of access to the various parts of your body is further enhanced by the 8ft cord that powers the device. No more yanking the cord out of the socket in the attempt to shave whilst using a mirror.

The device is equipped with a handy ergonomic grip, centred on preventing you dropping the device during use and providing you with extra precision with your cut. A stable hand makes for a sleek and professional cut.

Unlike consumer-grade options, the device also provides ultra-durability, ensuring that you will not have to make frequent purchases in order to continue getting a high-quality shave. Others may have you making frequent bi-weekly visits to your local health shops, in order to replace blades or combs, whilst the Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper should last you a number of years without the need for replacement.


Some users of the product have reported that when adjusting the clippers to their top position, the blade height lever became loose and no longer supported the blade properly. Ultimately, this has resulted in a broken set of clippers that cannot be used. However, this is in a limited number of cases and so long as you take care with the product, you shouldn’t experience any performance alternating issues. Furthermore, a brief discussion with your supplier should see that you are sent a replacement, for any faulty models (check with your vendor.)

The other primary issue with the device is the lowest blade setting, which users have reported will not provide you with a 0. You may find that if you wish to achieve a 0 cut with the lowest setting, you may need to shave over the same spot multiple times, or use the bare blade. For most users, however, this should prove as no issue especially if you’re not looking at getting such a close shave.

Final verdict

Overall, it isn’t hard to recommend these clippers to both professional barbers and stylists, or to anyone who wishes to have a decent set of clippers at their arsenal when cutting their own hair. The features included justify the price tag at $81.99 (currently $53.89) and will provide you with a great set of clippers to cater for most if not all your shaving needs. Be aware once again of the issues faced by those wishing to achieve a 0 cut or other very close shave.

The main conflict that many consumers find is whether these clippers are a good alternative to the Oster Classic 76, which is another set of clippers by Oster, which have similarly favorable reviews on Amazon. With that being said, many users report that they prefer the Oster Fast Feed for its quiet and lightweight build, which for many customers is preferable over the Classic 76’s heavier body. Additionally, some users do not enjoy the loudness of the Classic 76s and opt for the other models available instead. Before making your final choice, you should check the relevant reviews for the Classic 76s and compare them with the Fast Feeds, which will give you a reasonable overview of both products.

If you’re currently scouring the market for a high-quality set of clippers that will not set you back $100 or more, but will also provide you with a low noise, high productivity alternative to consumer-grade models, then the Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper is a fine choice.Buy from amazon

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