Setup Issues – Complete Solution Guide

Alike the 50% of the router users, if you are too annoyed with setup issues, then this solution guide is for you.

From basic to advanced, here we have compiled all the solutions for two topmost Netgear router setup issues – not working and Netgear router not connecting to internet.

This post will be a two-part series that will cover all the troubleshooting tips you need to know in this regard.

In the first part, we’ll go through with the various reasons behind  setup errors and their respective troubleshooting. The second part  is dedicated to dealing with internet issues with the router after the setup.

Ready.. ?  Okay, let’s Dive in!
Part A : Getting rid of Routerloginnet not working

Helpful Tip: You need to follow the troubleshooting step in the exact order. And whenever your error gets resolved you can skip the rest of the techniques.

  • Initiate the troubleshooting with examining the power LED.
  • It should be ON and static instead of OFF, blinking or glowing red.
  • If you notice that LED is blinking ceaseless, then the firmware of your router is outdated.
  • Update the Netgear Router firmwware.
  • The red glowing LED indicates the wireless network issues with the router.
  • That we will going to discuss in the second section.
  • If the LED is OFF or not glowing, check the power cable.
  • Make sure the power cable is snugly connected to power outlet.
  • Once the LED light is static and green, you ‘re good to go for setup.

However, if still you’re unable to navigate to router setup web address, then execute the advance troubleshooting exercises mentioned below.

Advance troubleshooting for issues with

  • Advance troubleshooting starts with examining the cable connections.
  • Verify that all the cables are well connected – Ethernet as well as the power cables.
  • Replace the cable with new one if any have worn out.
  • Further, you must check the web address that you’re using.
  • Incorrect IP address or typos leads you to router login issues.
  • Then comes the web-browser, clear the cache and cookies of the browser.
  • Mistype username and password are also two great factors responsible for login issues. So avoid any typos.
  • Last but not least, use an alternate web-browser and also disable any VPN or proxy servers that you’re using.

Part B : Resolving Internet Connectivity Issues

If  Netgear router not connecting with the internet after the setup, then start with some basic yet quick fixes, which includes:

  • Update the Firmware of the router.
  • 9 out of 10 times, its the outdated firmware that is responsible for no connectivity errors.
  • Power-cycle the modem and then the router.
  • Just plug out the power cable and insert it back following 20 seconds.
  • Without any doubt, make sure that all the cables are snugly attached to the accurate ports.
  • Check if you can connect with the internet on other devices or not.
  • It might be the browser issues, switch to a different web-browser.

Still no Internet? Go with the Advance troubleshooting then.

Advance Troubleshooting Steps for No Connectivity

  • Make sure the router, modem and PC has a healthy status in terms of both – software and the hardware.
  • Inaccurate or impartial router configuration of PC/phone or tablet can also result in Netgear router not connecting to WiFi.
  • Hence, re-configuring your router is recommended.
  • Further, you can go for reset your network.
  • This is very helpful in the scenario when the router keeps dropping the internet connection.
  • For executing the network reset, press and hold the power button of the router for a minimum of 20 seconds.
  • Then login to or using your login credentials.
  • Choose “advanced” and click on “reset” button at the bottom of the screen.

Note: After the reset, you need to re-configure your router from the scratch. For any assistance regarding the same or any of the above troubleshooting steps, get to a router expert at 1-866-317-4606 (Router Helpline Toll-Free).

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