Six Things I Learned Watching The RNC

This week the Republican National Convention (RNC) took place. I’m sure if you are reading this then you are not planning on voting for the Republican nominee Donald Trump. Neither am I because I am a sane person. Unfortunately, Trump stands a good chance of winning. That’s why it’s important to know his plans for the country. That’s why I decided to spend my week watching the RNC. I also watched it so that I could spare you the pain because it was definitely painful. I didn’t learn much about what the GOP has planned for the country, but here’s what I did learn.

Republican National Convention

The Republican Party Has No Plans

At least not any that they wanted to state to their delegates or the people watching on TV. All four nights that I watched coverage of the RNC, I heard only one policy plan. West Virginia Senator Shelley Moore Capito talked about how the Republican party planned to bring jobs back to the coal miners of West Virginia. That was as specific as they got, and even that speech didn’t lay out any policy ideas. The best speech of the convention was one given by Melania Trump, and it was plagiarised from Michelle Obama’s speech at the DNC eight years ago.

All They Have Are Platitudes

We know that politicians love to speak using platitudes, and catchy phrases. That’s what voters want to hear. Platitudes are not all that they want to hear; otherwise, they know that they are being pandered to. All four nights were made up of nothing but platitudes. Each night had a theme: Make America Safe Again, Make America Work Again, Make America First Again, and Make America One Again. Never once did they give detailed plans about how to do any of these things.

Republicans Don’t Understand America

There was overwhelming hatred for immigrants at the RNC. This may not come as a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention to the Republican primary, but it was disgusting to watch. The first night featured mothers whose children were killed by undocumented immigrants. Never mind the fact that American citizens commit more crimes than undocumented immigrants; they have their narrative, and they are sticking to it. The second night of the convention a protester from the activist group Code Pink, displayed a sign with the words “no racism, no hate.” Trump delegates attempted to rip the sign from her hands. When they were unable to, they covered her sign up with American flags. I don’t think I need to point out the irony there. America was built on the back of immigrants and the right to free speech. Republicans are completely out of touch with America.

They Really Hate Hillary Clinton

The only thing the GOP really has going for them is that they are united in their hatred of presumptive Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton. Almost every speaker spent their time talking about how horrible Clinton is, and how she deserves to be in jail. You probably have your own opinions about Hillary Clinton, as I do. Even myself who is not a supporter of Hillary Clinton felt disgusted when the GOP brought out two soldiers who were present at the Benghazi attack, and proceeded to use them to spread lies and emotionally manipulate the crowd. A fact check done later, showed that the claims they made were entirely false. The second night, former presidential candidate Chris Christie held a mock trial for Clinton, where he read off various charges (some bogus, others accurate) and asked the crowd to pronounce her guilty or not guilty. Spoiler: every charge was answered guiltily. The theme for the night was “Make America Work Again.” Whatever your feelings toward the Secretary, her mock trial had nothing to do with bringing jobs back to America. Many Republicans dislike Trump, but they hate Hillary more.

They Have No Momentum

The Republican party has absolutely no momentum going for it. Most of the speakers were completely unenthused about Trump as their nominee (as they should be). They avoided speaking about Trump and instead focused on Hillary Clinton, the evil Democratic party, and how progressive values have ruined the country. Everyone in the audience was so bored. It was as though they finally realized what politics were actually supposed to be, and they were not pleased. The only time the crowd was excited was when they were chanting for Clinton to be locked up.

It was difficult for me to watch this convention, and I watch political coverage all the time. The speech that Trump gave on the final night of the convention was nothing but doom and gloom, and the usual fear mongering. Trump gave no specific plans for improving the country, and rather he rambled for over an hour. The main thing I learned from the RNC, regardless your feelings about Hillary Clinton, Trump cannot be the president.

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