The Best Electric Meat Saw for Quick & Efficient Meat Processing

An electric meat saw is a very quick and efficient way to cut apart large chunks of deer meat into smaller pieces.

It will save you a great deal of time compared to cutting meat by hand and you will also have more neatly cut pieces than if you try to saw fresh meat by hand.Image result for Electric Meat Saw

And cutting through bone and muscle can be a real task if you’re trying to that by hand.

After you’ve got all the meat you can off of your deer, you may want to remove some of it from the bone for a nice, thick roast, boneless steaks or boneless chops or get it ready to slice or grind for a burger or making deer jerky.

Even if you’re doing a small job – say you only have one deer to butcher this season – you want to do it as quickly and efficiently as possible. And to do that, you want the best equipment right in your own kitchen.

When you’re shopping for an electric meat saw, you may want to check for different blade sizes so you have on hand what you’ll need for the different types of meat you’ll be cutting. For instance, if you’re sawing meat for a roast, it’ll be a little different than sawing meat for steaks.

As with any electric cutting appliance, safety is crucial. So here are some tips for making sure you’re only sawing the deer meat and not any of your own body parts.

First, pay careful attention to the clothes that you are wearing. You want to make sure that you don’t have anything on that’s loose, like a scarf or tie, that can caught up in the blades.

Long hair can get caught in the saw too if it’s not pulled back tight.

And remember to remove any loose jewelry like a bracelet, wrist band or even a neck chain that can easily get caught up in a the saw.

Also, you should avoid using an electric meat saw anytime when you’re feeling tired. It only takes a second, if even that long, for you to lose concentration and make a mistake that could be seriously dangerous.

So when keeping safety, time and efficiency in mind, compared to a hand saw, an electric meat saw is one of the quickest ways to butcher your deer meat so you get the most out of it with little to no waste.

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