Top 5 Digital Marketing Jobs That Will Impact Your Career

The digital marketing industry is worth nearly $68 billion, which is why most companies are looking for digital marketing professionals. With this transformation in the marketing strategy, a particular share of digital marketing job opportunities has been created making digital marketing courses as one of the best options for professionals and students.Top 5 Digital Marketing
With a strong presence in the marketplace, digital marketing is one of the most sought-after jobs for many individuals. Plus with so many jobs available in this realm, you can choose one that suits you best!
Here are the top five digital marketing jobs that can transform your professional outlook.

VR (Virtual Reality) Developers

VR (Virtual Reality) DevelopersWith the VR market expected to reach $21.5 billion by 2020, there is a whole new pool of exciting high-tech jobs available for those who are interested in VR. So, if you have an education that combines creativity with technology, and if you like to delve into graphics, then VR would be an excellent option for you. VR is a highly specialised field, and it is being used in digital marketing campaigns extensively. When implemented correctly, VR developers can enhance a consumer’s experience by creating a 3D advertisement which will bring flat, boring advertisements to life! Individuals who have extensive knowledge of different creative software suites and visual arts usually take the VR route. You will start your career as an editor or an assistant or may even end up grabbing a director role depending on your skill set and work experience in the field.

UI/UX Designer

UI/UX DesignerUI (user interface) and UX (user experience) designers are required for the end-to-end development of digital marketing applications and websites. For becoming a UI/UX designer, you should have an education in graphic designing or be well-versed with computer technology. You will be responsible for the visual design and testing for a project, with a special focus on the usability of an application or website. According to research by Adobe, almost two-thirds of users prefer to view an attractively designed website rather than something plain and boring. Thus, UI/UX designers have to focus on creating a visually appealing website for a great marketing experience.

SEO/SEM Professionals

SEO/SEM ProfessionalsSEO and SEM professionals are essential for building a sound digital marketing campaign. So, if you have an education in communications, marketing, business or information technology with a keen interest for digital marketing then you will be one of the highest paid professionals in the field! As an SEO/SEM professional, your responsibility is to recommend better server-side redirects, page speed, microdata tagging, rendering, and basic HTML tags. Moreover, a basic knowledge of business KPIs will also be required for implementing a good SEO/SEM strategy.As digital technology continues to pervade many aspects of our lives, it is important for companies to have an up-to-date digital marketing strategy to generate a high return on investment (ROI). Moreover, retail and e-commerce websites that are highly dependent on internet traffic to gain profits require a powerful SEO/SEM strategy. Thus, most companies need individuals with profound expertise in these areas to drive consumers via online platforms.

Content Managers

Content Managers According to DemandMetric, content marketing is 62% cheaper than conventional marketing and delivers three times extra leads! Content management is a pivotal role for any business or digital marketing agency as it covers all the main levels of marketing (purpose, demand, etc.) and it includes more work than only social media management or writing. Armed with an exhaustive knowledge of content production and publication, content managers also need to know how to generate, organise, and manage SEO-friendly content. You also need to understand how it supports the different sections of a marketing plan and develop a strategy in such a way that compliments the requirements of a business. Content managers must be able to operate with a variety of clients and create stellar content that runs across various channels. Being a content manager, you will be responsible for developing editorial calendars, strategising and reporting analytics, producing engaging videos, and a variety of similar activities.

AI Analysts & Specialists

AI Analysts & SpecialistsAI (Artificial Intelligence) is one of the up-to-date technologies and is predicted to boost labour productivity by 40% and allow professionals to work efficiently. With the advent of big data, an individual who can build systems to interpret data which can be used to create a digital marketing strategy will be in high demand.

Most professionals who specialise in AI generally have technical abilities and a computer science background. If you’re interested in AI, then you need to have an accurate understanding of machine learning, data optimisation, and programming. With these skills, they are equipped to monitor incoming data and build a strong marketing campaign. These campaigns require a strategic thinking and analytical mindset and AI analysts and specialists will forever be in demand as the world is becoming more data-dependent.

The digital marketing industry is touching new heights with a 40% growth rate. Due to this, there are countless job opportunities for everyone! All you need to do is trace the exact skill set that is required to crack a job and plan accordingly. Using the right approach will help you secure a digital marketing job with attractive compensation in the coming future.

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