Want to Prevent Diabetes? Read This!

Millions of people across the globe are affected by diabetes. If you don’t control it, it can cause blindness, renal failure, heart diseases, and other serious conditions.

But before the disease is diagnosed, there is a period during which the blood sugar levels are high but are not high enough to be termed as full-time diabetes. It is known as pre-diabetes. You can meet the best diabetologist in Kolkata to learn more.

However, it is observed that a large part of those suffering from pre-diabetes ends up developing the disease. While there are many things that you can’t change but there are many actions that you can take to reduce the risks. Here are a few suggestions to start with:

1-Reduce the Intake of Sugar and Carbs

If you have been consuming a lot of sugary foods and refined carbs, it will surely increase the risk of developing diabetes. The body breaks these foods into smaller sugar molecules that are then absorbed into the bloodstream.

It leads to a rise in the blood sugar levels which stimulates the pancreas to produce the insulin. This hormone helps the sugar to get out of the bloodstream and into the body cells. If you are pre-diabetic, the body cells are resistant to insulin so the level of sugar in the blood remain high.

The body produces more insulin to reduce the level of blood sugar down to ta healthy level.  But with time, it leads to a high level of blood sugar and insulin levels and eventually into a condition known as level-2 diabetes.

Thus when you reduce the intake of the sugar or refined carbs, the level of sugar in the blood sugar will also go down and there will be a lower risk of diabetes.

2-Exercise Regularly

If you perform physical activity on a regular basis it helps in preventing diabetes. With exercise the insulin sensitivity of the cells increases. It means that pancreas will have to produce lesser insulin to keep the body sugar under control.

In a study, it was found that moderate-intensity exercise increases the insulin sensitivity by 51% and the high-intensity exercise increases it by 85%.

The physical activity includes aerobic exercise, high-intensity training, etc. When you work out frequently it leads to improvement in insulin response and function.

3-Drink More Water

Water is the most natural beverage that you can consume. When you consume more water, you can avoid other beverages that are high in sugar, preservatives, etc.

More consumption of soda, have been linked to increased risk of type-2 diabetes. In research, it was found that the artificially sweetened drinks and fruit juices are not good for the prevention of diabetes.

On the other side, consuming water provides many benefits. Increased water consumption leads to better blood sugar control and insulin response.

4-Reduce Weight

If you are obese, you will have to reduce the weight to rationalize it. Those who are pre-diabetic carry more visceral fat which causes inflammation and insulin resistance and increases the risk of diabetes.     It means if you reduce fat, there will be more benefits.


When you consult with the best diabetologist in Kolkata, he will recommend to eat less, exercise more, consume water and reduce weight to lower the risks.

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