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If you are confused about what this is, well it is the default IP address that gets used to managing the advance settings for the Netgear Wi-Fi extender. It would be used to manage the smart setup wizard for the device or gadget you are using and it will work the same as mywifiext.net address. IP address is going to be used in any case you are not able to access the platform www. Mywifiext.net web address or so on. Netgear Wi-Fi extenders are the finest Wi-Fi boosters to tackle with the dead zone issues you are getting inside your home network.  Moreover, you know AC2200 Nighthawk X4 Wi-Fi Range Extender might help you to serve high-speed internet access for every corner of your home and office. But, for this, you will have to make sure that your AC2200 Nighthawk X4 Wi-Fi Range Extender is accurately configured by making use of mywifiext.net web address.

In simple words

In simple words, IP address is in the category of the private IP address. These IP addresses can be used to further access networking gadgets or devices. These are most commonly used with routers, Modems, and Wi-Fi extenders. Such an IP address might be defined under RFC 1918 standard protocols. As mentioned above also, such type of popular example, this IP gets used as the default IP for Netgear Wi-Fi Extender.

Users can easily set up and configure services making use of the mywifiext.net address. As this IP gets used inside a private network, these communication lines are absolutely secure and you cannot link up to the web directly. Furthermore, you always would need an IP to log inside the router so that you might configure the settings as per the needs you have. So if you want to sign in to the router of your Wi-Fi, you can easily do that by making use of this IP address and can also get the access to the credentials now you know why sometimes when you talk to a professional regarding any Wi-Fi or modem related issues he tells you to get into this IP address!

Bogon IPs

For your information, there are a few IP addresses and IP ranges that are reserved for proper and special use, like that for local or private networks, and these must not appear on the public internet. These reserved ranges, coupled with other IP ranges that have not yet been allocated and hence also shouldn’t appear on the public internet are at times known as bogons.

Since bogon IP addresses do not really belong to a specific user or server on the web, there would be no way to geo-locate these. Therefore the IP geolocation API won’t return location data for IP addresses within bogon ranges, but it is going to return a bogon field to hint that the IP address is a bogon.


Thus, these are the IP addresses that get used extensively to rectify the issues related to the devices and modems and so on. In this way, the private connections get corrected with ease and without any inconvenience.

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