What Is The Purpose Of Barbed Wire Fencing?

Barbed wire has been known so far as both dangerous and effective. Well, we all know why it is effective. Barbed wire has sharp points all over it, hence the objective of protecting areas and properties when installed on boundary walls, serve the purpose.  Now the point is why we are calling it dangerous? Well, the reason is again the same. The sharp pointed edges all over barbed wire cause the most danger to invaders. As this type of wire has sharp points in every few inches, there is a high probability that your clothes will be caught by these sharp points if you are roaming close to it. 

If your skin gets touched to barbed wire fence, it will make a deep cut and break your skin. Bleeding, pain and sometimes infection are the possible damages.  

Barbed wire fence cost

Made of steel wire, barbed wire fencing is considered as the oldest of all type of structured and planned fencing in India. Popular for its versatile usage, that someone can use in farms, to enclose their properties or in public sectors, the cost of barbed wire is dependent on many a things. 

Barbed wire fences are available in three basic types- PVC Coated Barbed Wire, GI Barbed Wire, and Polymer Barbed Wire. The type of wire can be chosen as per requirements. However, if someone is looking for something specific, the types can add on value. A barbed wire fence is always low cost and easy to install fence option. So if you are looking for a barbed wire fence to install around your property or farm area, it is the most economical solution available out there.

The length, posts that would be used to install the fence and the type of fence are the three determinants of the cost of barbed wire. While there are a number of benefits of installing a barbed wire around the farm and domestic property area, here are some words of caution that we have found out for you- 

Barb wires are made of metal. As we know that some metal are super conductors, the barb wire, if connected with electricity pass, always have current passing through it. So it is always suggested not to use barb wire for making gates. If you are doing so, ensure to make gates of barbed wire that do not have any electricity supply. Hence to reduce accidents due to electricity barbed wire come with the option of PVC coating, GI coating and Polymer coated Barbed Wire. Copper and metal made barbed wire have a higher chance of getting rust and corrosion; ultimately it does not match up the requirements of barbed wire fencing.  

People tend to use too many posts to connect barbed wires. This end up at failed and jumbled up barbed wire fencing. So the thumb rule is to hire professionals to install the fence. Otherwise, if you are enthusiast enough for a DIY session with barbed wire fencing, follow the thumb rule of post every rod length at a 16.5 feet distance.

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