4 Ways to incorporate crystals into your life

Trying to find something awesome to decorate your home with this summer? Something colorful, yet classy, but most importantly, different? Try adding some natural crystals in to your home to spice things up! Check out these awesome ways you can incorporate crystals into your life!4 Ways to incorporate crystals into your life

1. Terrarium

Use crystals in Terrarium

Image Source: wheretogetit.com

You can always place a crystal or two into your terrarium to add some color and a way for the light to reflect inside of it.

2. Crystal inspired zen garden

Crystal inspired zen garden

Image Source: curativesoul.com

Zen gardens are miniature gardens usually filled with sands and small tools to move and manipulate the sand. You use the zen garden when you need a way to relax or wish to tend to a very small garden, you can fill them with whatever you want, including crystals to decorate or arrange in whatever way you want! All that matters is that it is your zen garden, with what you want in it!

3. Jewelry


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Now, this might seem obvious, but it does speak for itself! If you haven’t already, try some crystal jewelry, especially ones that might relate to your life, such as birthstones or geodes that describe your mood! If you have no idea where to get any crystal jewelry, don’t worry,Trennedy has you covered with a selection of their own!

4. Table Arrangement

Image Source: Pinterest

Ever get tired of the same ol’ flower arrangement when you go to other people’s houses? Change things up by making an arrangement of beautiful crystals that will have all of your guests envious of your stellar decor skills!

What other cool ways do you guys know how to incorporate crystals into your home or fashion? Share with us in the comments!

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