4 Ways to Reward Your Dog without a Treat

Your dog possesses a lot of energy and leaving him just to pass time on the couch or just roaming in the house will get bored and his energy will be wasted. Keeping him busy with things such as interactive toys or training is a productive way to utilize their energy.  While engaging in activities like training you need to be calm. Positive reinforcement is the best way to train your dog because negative reinforcement can lead your dog to develop fear, aggressive behavior, and even rebellious behavior.

Rewarding your furry companion with his favorite treat is just one method of positive reinforcement. However, there are many other ways to positively reinforce your dog to learn new tricks and to show desired behavior. While on the other hand, some dog parents experience really hand time training their dog when they do not turn their snouts down to treat. Therefore, today we will suggest you 5 ways of positive reinforcement and none of them includes treats.4 Ways to Reward Your Dog without a Treat


Dogs can create a bond of unconditional love with their parents in no time. They can even sense when you are happy and when you are sad through your tone and body language. Therefore, they can understand when you are praising them. Just a “Good Boy” can bring a wag to his tail. Show them that you are excited through your tone when he behaves well. Soon your little companion will start to understand that whenever he will behave according to your command he will be praised. The praises will make him adopt praise seeking behavior and he will behave in the desired manner that is good for you.

Physical Attention:

Dogs love touching, cuddling or a good belly rub as you aspect a shoulder tap after doing some great job. By adding a gentle rub with verbal praise will bring more results. Try to identify your dog’s favorite scratch zone and show love by giving him a good rub when he accomplishes a task. Before giving a pat or scratch to your dog another thing that you should consider is when he likes being touched? Chest scratch, long or short stroke on his back may make him feel good when he settles beside you but probably he would not be satisfied just by being touched when he wants to run in the backyard. If this is the case you may play with your dog as use playing time as a reward.Physical Attention:

Play With Your Dog:

Playing can be a good relationship building tool for you and your dog. Dogs are super active animals and do not want to waste their energy lying around. Tugging and retrieving can be a potent reward as well.  In addition to this, if your dog does not turn up for treats that do not mean he would not turn up for a new sneaky toy. If not every time but sometimes you can take help from introducing a new toy to your dog when he masters a trick. You can find some best puppy chew toys here.Live Rewards:

Live Rewards:

Daily routine things that are loved by your four footers such as going for walk, a drive, running in the backyard or going to a park.  These activities can be used as a reward to reinforce your dogs to show desired behavior. Ask him to perform low probability behavior (the task you want him to do) before getting exposure to high probability behavior (the things that your dog loves to do). Like, ask your dog to stay calm or sit before you access him to anything that he loves.

If you do not want to use treats for training or if your dog does not turn up to treats above mention tricks can help you to train him. Keep the spirit high and Stay Paw-si-tive!

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