5 Things To Know for Solo Female Travelers

5 Things To Know for Solo Female Travelers

You might always be thinking of being crazy on traveling out alone but that’s none of your wrong. Actually, your surrounding is there who always decide this for you that what is right and what is wrong for you. That is the leading fear of all the fears you might have in your mind regarding your identity and wrongly prevailed ideas. For example, you could be thinking if it is really a safe idea to travel the world alone? Or Is it really safe traveling alone? And today’s major concern is a fear of losing your job. These are some of those initial fears which stop you from moving and keeps you stuck. That then becomes your comfort zone which later you accepts, the place where you don’t want to get out from.

I never ventured alone I was recalling while busking on the beach in Tangier. This was my third month of traveling alone. I backpacked in most of the Asian countries. This time I was on holidays in Morocco and got much confident to tell you, people, traveling alone as a female is not a big deal. You only have to come out of those unnecessary fears, decide your plans to destine and set out in the next moment, of course by taking the necessary pauses and measures.

Quitting job was my decision, I didn’t want to be bounded.

If your job is much relaxing and allows you to wander on long weekends and on the other yearly holidays, you have no reason to leave the job. But if you are still uncomfortable with your job and think that you have to get freedom and aiming for an adventurous life, you may opt for leaving the job but most recommended is to manage your expenses, without money, you can’t venture through your dreams.

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In my case, It was going all fine, But maybe, it was in my instinct or what, I was not happy or satisfied with anything. I was in search of the places on the internet and dream to go there, explore the places. I then discovered later, I needed adventure in my life I was not aware of. But I was still stuck to move towards my dreams I discovered, the reasons were the social restrictions indicted on us for so long. It was so difficult to leave the job knowingly that what will happen next, how will I manage my expenses. If you think that like me, you can manage your expenses, set out to every nook of the world to be explored by you. You know what, you have a lot to face during your voyage around the world, so it is recommended to be strong, fight with the problems commonly females face according to their region. The women in the west are somehow free and can do anything she wants and nobody is there to objectify them sexually or even being a woman. I also acknowledge that there is no absolute thing in this world, so if you are a man or women, roaming at any part of the earth you are not known with, you have to be careful. Now you only have to know the things important for solo traveling are discussed below.

Be Prepared in Advance

You must know the place you are going to visit in advance. Gather the maximum information about the place and get prepared about the norms of that society, the foods they eat, about the geography, heritage, history, and traditions of the place. For you, the most important thing to be prepared in advance is to find a good agent and a good guide there so that you can be able to know about the places far better for the solo female travelers.

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Trust Your Sensors, Beware of Every Situation and React

Although you are not there to fight with people belonging to the other culture. You are there to make friends, to enjoy, to explore the country and make your moments unforgettable. But still it is imperative, don’t trust any situation, and rely on your sensors which always helps you make your decisions. This instinctive power helps you to identify what the situation reads. If it is right, you will act accordingly. To relate, on the destination you are very new at, If you feel that something Is not right, don’t hesitate to say it wrong. You may find sexual harassers, thieves, and the locals causing a disturbance. But see, keep in mind, no need to overreact, keep yourself calm and be proactive.

Dress Accordingly

Bridging the culture you have to adapt the things normal to the locals there. That’s the reality that in most of the destinations you get, being a female traveler, you are always subjected to your body as we are the sex products. For escaping the risk, you have to mix up with the locals so they can be welcoming for you.

I’m in Morocco and following the norms of this country and as yet, I very well spending my vacations here in Tangier beaches. But here are two different perspectives you will find, one is the radical and rigid, the other perspective is comparatively a progressive one which allows you that if you are a western, you can roam around like the locals with some of the precautions. So keep this thing in Mind, when in Muslim countries, you have to follow their dress codes. It is not such strict for the foreigners, but still, you have to care about this.

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Nights Out Alone Are Not Safe

To walk on the roadside mostly in nights in some places of the world is not safe. Yes if you are with the groups and friends, family, that is fine, but as you are a solo traveler, you have to take all the measures of your security and that also include that, don’t go to the dark places in night, don’t wander without the group of people or the guide who is local.

Local People will Be Happy to Guide You

This is not so difficult, to get there and make a friend who must be the local of that area. He can be enough to guide you about the dos and don’ts of the destination. The other option is more proactive. If you are socially active, you may have many online communities sharing the reviews and raising the questions. You may put the questions there to get the answers. So to know the people of the place you are going to explore is very important to make your tour the perfect experience in your life. To be a female solo traveler, you have to be more conscious about this aspect.

Keep the emergency kit and emergencey numbers, hospitals, police, etc to be more careful. Keeping numbers and apps of the local traditional foods will add up into your experience in any destination of the world.

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