6 Reasons NOT to buy diamond jewelry

Diamonds. The beautiful, glass-like, rock that is the symbol of eternity, and of excessively priced jewelry. The image of the diamond has been perpetuated in society as a symbol of love, something that is undoubtful proof that you love your boo, but did you know that flowers work just as well? Diamonds no longer automatically convey that message of undying love as they were meant to, check out list of reasons to not buy diamond jewelry for how!6 Reasons NOT to buy diamond jewelry

1.Diamonds are impersonal

How many married couples do you know that wear rings? Like all of them right? Duh. How many of those marriages have at least one diamond ring in the mix? Again, just about all of them. Now I’m not saying that diamonds can be a symbol of love, but I am saying that they’ve instead turned into a symbol of social acceptance. Plenty of girls grow up being told repeatedly to ‘Get the ring’ instead of encouraging them to grow up and find someone that thinks what they have to say is worthwhile, and can’t get enough of their smile. Don’t buy diamond jewelry just because it is diamond jewelry, buy jewelry with a message! Buy your boo a locket with a picture of you two and their birthstone, or give them a piece of jewelry you made!

2.They perpetuate the idea that only one individual in the relationship needs to be pampered

More often than not, you’ll find diamond advertisements focused on the idea that men ought to be buying diamonds for their women, for various reasons. It’s your anniversary/birthday and you need a gift, or a you ruined her favorite shirt gift, or a “Don’t you want to show you love her?” gift. All of these advertisements perpetuate the stereotype that women love diamonds, and men are supposed to buy them, but why? Why does one person in the relationship deserve to be bought gifts more than the other? A relationship is a partnership, not a paid position. Take turns taking each other out to dinner, swap birthdays, buy yourselves a gift every now and then, but don’t assume that your partner needs to be bought thousand dollar stones to continue caring about you. Ice cream on the other hand? Chocolate is always a safe bet.

3.Diamond mining is harmful to the Earth

Mining for diamonds, like mining for all jewels, fossils, or resources, contributes significant damage to the Earth’s ecosystem. In addition, areas where diamond mining is a prevalent occupation, such as Africa, individuals who work to mine these precious stones are often not properly compensated for their work, and are subject to unsafe working conditions.

4.It is unrealistically expensive

Diamonds have gone up in price drastically since marketing campaigns and advertisements indicated that they were the ‘ideal indicator of a proposal.’ However just because something is pricy, does not indicate it is worthwhile. There are some people who love diamonds because they believe that they are beautiful stones, but today people are more often concerned with the size of the diamonds you have, rather than the beauty and meaning of the jewelry.

5.Diamonds are a stoic indicator of property

Just about every engaged or married couple you know wears a diamond to symbolize that they’re married, but just because one of them forgets to put their ring on after the shower doesn’t indicate that they are no longer a couple! The same principle applies to whether or not you have a diamond at all. How hard is it to simply tell someone that you’re with somebody, or that you are both married to each other? Jewelry can be a nice reminder of your ‘undying love’ but that doesn’t mean that jewelry should be considered to be the identifier of your relationship, or any relationship!

6.Jewelry doesn’t represent commitment

Just because he put a ring on your finger (or you put a ring on his finger) doesn’t necessarily guarantee that they’ll be faithful, or that you’ll be together forever. The only guarantee that your relationship will work has nothing to do with whether or not you get married, whether or not both vote for the same candidate, or whether or not you like the same ice cream. The most important factors in a successful relationship is trust and open communication.

Now I’m not totally saying that you shouldn’t buy diamonds, (despite the title) but it is important that you consider your options first, and consider this question: Do diamonds really symbolize the love you and your S.O. have? Instead of spending money on diamonds, why don’t you and your significant other utilize that money for experiences that you both will be able to remember and cherish? Go on a vacation, go camping, buy yourselves a new flatscreen if you need one to binge-watch Netflix on, so long as you spend the money on something you both agree represents your love, or what you need. How do you feel about diamonds? Do you wear a diamond ring? Share your stories with us in the comments!

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