A cardiologist can help you if you help yourself!

There are different types of health conditions, illnesses and problems present in the world. Talking about the early stages of coronary artery disease, it mostly reveals no signals or symptoms.  The ailment develops slowly and frequently at a slow speed, resulting in the long periods of time with slight to no noticeable signs.  As a result, it might not be till a day today cardiology check-up takes place and your cardiologist finds out you have early beginning or full-blown heart ailment. You should develop a habit of visiting the best cardiologist in India time to time for best treatments.

For your information, a general Phoenix cardiology check-up includes blood tests and cholesterol checks.  The blood pressure is going to be taken to find out in case it is normal or high.  It is the reason that it is absolutely significant to have routine and recurrent check-ups.


Do note everything before your check up

In case you are getting any types of symptoms, it is significant to write them down and take them with you to your appointment.  The signals may or may not link with the coronary artery disease, but you should discuss all abnormalities with the cardiologist so that it might get determined in case they relate or not. It is equally vital to pen down any medical history and medications that you might be taken so that the doctor can keep a proper record of the same.  In case you have any history of heart disease then it has to be told to your doctor right away.  If there are specific restrictions, such as fasting, it should be done prior to your check up.it is vital that such directions be abided.  Cholesterol tests, for example, require fasting for a particular period of time before the diagnostic process.

Take Someone Along!

In case your family member or friend can go with you on the appointment it is recommended that they must do so.  A person with you can help you to remember what the doctor has said and even help you in penning down notable information. What is the thing in case you miss out on something that is critically needed? So, it is better to have a fellow to assist you so that you are sure about the prescriptions and precautions you are instructed about.

Make it a point that you note down all the questions, doubts or any points you want to clear with the doctor. Sometimes when you reach your doctor you forget all the things that you thought you would ask. It is always recommended to note them out in prior for the best outcomes. In this way you can get all the doubts cleared and there would be peace of mind.

Some important things to keep in mind

 A silent killer

Heart disease often takes place with no symptoms until a main health event like a stroke or that of a heart attack. It is the reason to decide your danger factors now, knowing the signs early and seeking preventive treatment while time still allows. The presence of any of the following factors makes it important for you to talk to a cardiologist right away:

Discomfort in chest

Maybe chest pain has various possible causes like heartburn; any presence of discomfort in your chest should be examined by a doctor to completely rule out heart-related problems. In case you are suffering from extreme chest pains and these are echoing every day, you need to go to a cardiologist.


No matter you are currently a smoker or were during the past, you have a huge risk of heart disease. Smoking damages the lining of your arteries, heading to the build-up of possibly unsafe blockages and plaque.


Increased blood glucose levels in diabetics cannot only harm the blood vessels, but these also harm the nerves that regulate the heart. Apart from this, people with Type 2 diabetes are much probable to suffer from additional danger factors like high blood pressure, obesity and also high cholesterol.


Genetics do have a vital role in the possible development of heart disease. In case you have a first-degree relative who has experienced disease, it boosts the odds that you will too. apart from this, , situations that mostly head to heart disease like diabetes and high blood pressure can be genetic too.

High blood pressure

Blood pressure underlines the force of blood against the artery walls when it goes through the arteries. Once this pressure is extremely high for a lengthy period of time, the arteries can get harmed or narrowed.

Thus, it gets essential that you see the best cardiologist in India if you face any of the discussed instances. A cardiologist will definitely help you if you help yourself.

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