Add These #5 Amazing Things To Your Wedding Décor!

Ever been to a wedding which has left you awestruck?

The couple obviously catches your eyes, but the other thing that catches our eyes is the beautifully decorated wedding venue!

The decoration of the wedding should be done in a way that depicts the nature and love of the couple, spreading the romantic vibe. The most important part about the wedding décor is the small details that have been thought thoroughly to set the mood for the guest.

The best thing about wedding decorations is the wide variety of decoration items. The variety is so big that it is new every time you go to a wedding. We don’t even know how the planners come up with these unique items!

But if your wedding is in the corner and you are planning to tie the knot soon then we have a few amazingly gorgeous decorative ideas just for you. After discussing it thoroughly with the wedding Decorators in Ghaziabad we made a list of items which became an instant hit in Indian weddings!

So, the list goes on like this-

  1. The Rustic Lanterns


We all know the lighting of a wedding can make a lot of difference. And not just the usual fairy lights but also the different old yellow bulbs can make a big difference but these are all very common. If you have trees in your wedding then this can be your go-to theme for the wedding!



Hang those rustic lanterns to the tie in a series or a pretty sequence. And they can be hung all over the venue, in the backdrop as well. It will create a beautiful Bokeh effect at the wedding.

  1. Bohemian Décor


If you want a very fresh vibe at the wedding then you must go for this décor look!

This Bohemian Décor looks very pretty in destination weddings.

The fresh flowers and the green plants can add a very elegant look to the wedding.

Imagine a flower and creeper backdrop on the beachside, it is hard to not admire.

This can go very well with the pastel theme as well! The light and soft pastel colors will blend perfectly with the vibrancy of the flowers.

Bohemian Décor

  1. Quirky And Colorful Décor


The best way to catch anybody’s eyes is by creating such an attractive décor that people can’t take their eyes off it. The best way to do this, is by adding bright and contrasting colors to your wedding. You can add colorful curtains or colorful tassels as your wedding décor.


This will surely catch everybody’s eyes, you can do one more thing, and you can have a kite themed wedding. All the colorful eyes can give a very airy effect to the wedding and make your venue look bright and beautiful!


  1. White Wedding


A white wedding is the most serene wedding décor out there. If you are sick of colorful and quirky wedding decors then you can go for this décor. This all white wedding decor is very elegant, and if you add a bit of silver and gold color in the décor then this décor can look very beautiful!


From white flowers to fluttering white curtains and to glass chandeliers, this look can be the upcoming trend because of its unique beauty!


  1. Balloons

It is a big misconception that balloons can only be used on birthdays. Balloons can be a very good choice for the wedding décor too. It would not only look cute but also add a very light and cute vibe to the wedding!

This is actually one of the best options amongst all the three in terms of feasibility. If you are tight on the budget but still want your wedding to look lovely then this can be the best choice!


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