Adding First Fish to Your Aquarium

It’s quite common, that people who start a new aquarium, only set up the tank and start off adding fish immediately, without correctly preparing the tank first. Worst case scenario here is that the fish may get sick or even die. To prevent any kind of complications, bacteria should first be added into the aquarium to get rid of substances that are toxic to fish. Bacteria are important for the health of your fish, since they process the fish’s waste and avoid the water from getting toxic. Aquarium bacteria is sold in liquid form that can easily be poured into the aquarium. It’s also good to run the filters overnight, water in the tank and with no fish.

hatchet4Transporting the Fish

When transporting the fish they should be placed in tough plastic bags that will have either rounded corners – this is to keep fish getting trapped during transport. Bags should be filled with around a quarter water and three quarters air, because fish will run out of oxygen before water. Since excess light and visible motion can bother the fish during transport, it’s wise to cover the plastic bags or use a dark paper bag to keep the fish calm.

Adding the Fish

Add only a couple of fish at first, slowly adding more over the next four to six weeks. Choose fish that are more active. Be sure the water your fish gets into is roughly the same temperature as the water they leave. One method to get around this, is to float your new fish inside its bag in the tank water for around 10 to 20 minutes. This lets the temperature of the water inside the bag to adapt to the tank temperature, so the fish can become comfortable to it.

Set up lots of hiding places for your new fish. Rocks, plants, and other sheltering spots will lessen aggression and therefore reduce overall stress in the tank. Keep good water conditions through adequate maintenance to make certain a balanced environment exists through this stressful phase. Always feed your fish tank before any new fish are brought in. This will help to lower hostility towards new tank mates.First Fish to Your Aquarium

Don’t turn on the aquarium light on for too soon. Wait 10 minutes or so, and then switch the light on.

When building a new aquarium environment, patience is essential to success. Let your system run for at least 24 hours before setting the fish in.

Decorative elements can be added a couple of days later. Also, do not add more fish than the size of your tank can deal with. A rough estimate is one inch of fish per gallon of water.

Sticking with the tips provided here and keeping to the other guidelines of correct selection and acclimation, your new and existing tank mates get the best possible treatment with little or no stress.

Now you can sit, relax and enjoy your creation.

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