Asitis Whey Protein- Best Supplement For Muscle Growth

The gym freaks always keep on looking for good supplements that can provide all the necessary nutrients to their body. The market is flooded with such protein based supplements which not only have necessary ingredients required by the body but they are also clinically tested, verified and safe for the consumption by human body. Out of many supplements available, there is a product called Asitis protein which is quite popular in the market.

Asitis protein is one of the best whey proteins in India by AS-IT-IS. This whey protein is derived from milk during the process of cheese making. This protein has essential elements like amino acids and BCAA. This product is convenient source of protein which is most preferred during heavy gym sessions and during sports. This supplement is quite easy and fast to digest.

Here are some of the benefits of using this product and they are discussed below.

Promotes muscle building- This whey protein helps in building lean muscles. This product is ideal when it is consumed along training. It boosts the performance of the person and also helps in building muscles. It is great because it boosts the recovery process of the body resulted from the intense workout session.

Limited processing- The best part of this supplement is that it is minimally processed which means greater intake of the necessary nutrients and protein in their natural form. No fillers, dyes, preservatives are used in the making of such supplements

High Protein Concentrate- In each scoop of 30g of this supplement, there is 24g of protein and 5.4g of BCAA which means there is high concentration of protein which is really helpful in muscles gain and development.

Assured Quality- this supplement is gluten free and non- GMO. This US manufactured product is lab tested and verified and guarantees the purity of the whey protein.

Flexible- This product is quite flexible to use. One can use it in Juice, smoothies, pancake or protein bars. They are unsweetened or unflavored which can be used however the person likes to use it.

Unflavored Raw whey protein- This Supplement is unflavored and unsweetened which makes its taste not so good to consume. But the customers can add the desired flavors to it in order to make it better and tasty to consume.

The most frequently asked question is that how to use this product. So the answer is that you can add 1 scoop of this powder in 240 ml of water or fresh juice or any other beverage.

This is one of the highly consumed supplements in the market. It is also easily accessible. One can buy it from sites like healthkart etc. the price of this Asitis whey Protein is quite reasonable. So the gym freaks can really add this to their healthy diet in order to have the lean muscles and healthy body. Supplements like these when taken along with intense training schedule can double the impact of gym on the body. People must try this product as it is one of the nest whey protein products in India.

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