Bully sticks: Are they Safe and Good for the Pet Dogs?

A good number of people these days are found to have dogs as pets. Whatever be the type and breed, it is extremely important to take care of these pets. Moreover, whatever is being fed to them or given for entertainment purpose should be extremely safe and good for their health.

Chewable items

It is no secret that dogs simply love to chew on various types of items most of the item and their favorite one is shoes. This is if the dog does not get much attention from anyone in the family, and hence, lookout for things to pass on their time. Finding the very best chew toy for the pup or dog can be really tough for many people. Therefore, bully sticks for dogs can be an excellent alternative.

They are quite nutritional and completely safe when compared to the different types of junks that are easily available in the market. But those to planning to buy bully sticks for their dogs should first undertake some research on the item to know what it is exactly, its ingredients and how safe it is for their pet.

Bully sticks and its preparation

Bully sticks can be termed to be chewable types created from bull’s puzzles. It is a natural product and contains plenty of nutritional value. This product is said to be prepared with great care by its manufactures. Prior to adding flavor to this item, the puzzles are dried and drained. The dog finds the product to be exciting as it contains exciting flavors. The stick’s amazing aspect is that it can last for a long time when compared to other products and hence, are a wonderful alternative to the chew products found commonly for dogs.

Can the pet dog have one?

There is readily available plenty of crucial information on the web about bully sticks. Most dog product sites and vets, as well as blogs, do claim the safety of this product. It is also considered to have easily digestible nutrients. The sticks have beef protein in them comprising of taurine, an amino acid to help strengthen the heart muscles and eyesight. These sticks also are not known to come with excess fat. Therefore they are termed to be a fabulous choice to keep the dog’s teeth clean.

According to studies conducted, there were discovered bully sticks rich in calorie, with a small section being contaminated with dreadful bacteria. But their findings does not have any solid theory and is being doubted upon when the product’s overall safety is taken into account. Firstly, only a small portion of the product was used in the study and only 30% of sticks were found to have bacteria. Therefore, the sticks can be claimed to be safe to be consumed by the dogs and there is no worry about their safety.

Therefore, it can be concluded that bully sticks are undoubtedly an excellent alternative to the available chew products. Buying branded ones is sure to make the dog and the owner happy and satisfied.

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