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Shirts and t-shirts have been a major fashion inspiration for many. Different styles and types of t-shirts and shirts can be made easily for mass production. Garments are a basic necessity that everybody needs. It is a part of the basic three-‘Roti, Kapda and Makan’. Shirts and t-shirts are highly versatile garments that can be worn on any occasion, formal or informal. They are highly durable and come in a variety of styles and designs. Wearing a specific design on t-shirts can be seen as a symbol of inspiration, idea, status, political affiliations or propaganda. A t-shirt is also a cheap way to promote a brand or thoughts.

The process of manufacture

The process of manufacturing is rather complicated as there are many steps and complications involved. There are many quality checks to be upheld.

  1. Raw materials

The first step to accomplish is to determine the raw material that is to be used. As a readymade shirts manufacturers, you need to make sure that the quality of the cloth that you are using is up to the quality, to that the budget allows. You can use a variety of fabrics from the wither natural or synthetic medium, like silk, cotton, rayon or other synthetic materials.

  1. Estimation cost

After determining the raw materials to be used, the rough estimation of the cost needs to be done. The cost estimation would include the designing cost, stitching cost, cost to dye the cloth, etc. All of these costs need to be estimated and calculated before moving on so that you would know how much to invest.

  1. Piece cutting

The next step to the mass manufacturing of the shirts and t-shirt is the process of cutting the different parts of the t-shit and shirt, like the neck, sleeves, and the front and back. The cloth is cut into these individual pieces and the assembled and stitched. Different sizes are available for adults from small to extra large. When shirts are manufactured for kids, the sizes are available in ages and weight.

  1. Packing

    After the process of stitching and reassembly, the packing process takes place. Usually, the shirts and t-shirts are placed in clear packaging with details about the item. Usually, the shirts are packaged with cardboard to hold the shape in place.

Readymade shirts manufacturers have to keep in mind many different quality checks that they have to keep up with.

To keep up with the changing ways, even t-shirts have to evolve. Nowadays, t-shirts are available in many different materials for many different purposes. The manufacturer has to keep in mind the demand the target audience has and how to fulfill them.

Wicking fabric

People nowadays are getting more and more aware of the benefits of outdoor activities, and they require special material for their shirts and t-shirts. Wicking fabric is a special type of fabric that helps to move water away from the body.

Breathable fabric

Cotton is one of the most breathable fabrics that are present. Is allows air to pass through freely. Cotton is very versatile and durable.

The garments manufacturing industry is a fast-growing industry which has many avenues in which you can invest in.

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