Can Your Home Improvement Business Benefit By Chatbot Marketing?

Can Your Home Improvement Business Benefit By Chatbot Marketing?

Does the name ‘chatbot’ sound familiar? If yes, then you are a person who keeps track of recent technology updates. If no, then do not worry. This new technology has changed marketing in many industries. In this article, let us focus on improvement of your home improvement business by chatbot marketing.

What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is a software which can complete a conversation with a user in his/her local language. This process can get completed via mobile apps. Or through other mediums such as telephone, message applications or by websites.

Then there is another description. A bot is a simple computer program designed to automate tasks. It can chat with a user via a conversational platform. Please note, that bots designed with AI can understand and reply to complex queries from customers. It can also give personalized replies, and also indulge in active conversation. But the entire chatbot industry is still in the infant stage. Bots should follow the rules as prescribed by a human.

You have read the above statement on many websites. Right? But chatbots in the field of marketing? Now that is a new statement. Please do not feel we are beating about the bush or giving irrelevant information. In recent times, like many software applications in the marketing world, chatbots are also gaining prominence. And if you have a website, use of chatbots will help gain an advantage over other competitors.

More than eighty percent of businesses will use chatbots to gain more revenue before 2022.

Benefits of Chatbot Marketing

There are industry experts who swear by the effectiveness of human executives in customer service and marketing. But even the use of chatbots is the recent trend. So, what makes this new technology so effective? So, if you have time, get ready to sit back and gain information on all the benefits of Chabot marketing for your home improvement business.

  • Better Response

Will we explain the title above with an example? Thanks for giving your permission. Let us imagine, you are an entrepreneur offering AC repair service in Hyderabad city. You want to establish your company as a trusted name in the city. So, you have registered as a customer service executive for a company offering best AC service in Hyderabad for the entire city. Now, for your company, there is a customer care service center. Customers who seek AC repair can go to your website and enter into the chat option to place a request.

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Your customer care service team consists of only four human professionals and chatbots. The chatbots can answer simple queries and can have a conversation with the customer. The chatbot service can provide apt responses in the form of messages.

Now, where does the concept of marketing come? Let us imagine, a customer has called your service center on a simple query. The chatbot conveys the answer. The customer gets satisfied as he has got a solution. Now, the chatbot can pitch a discount offer which the customer does not know. A chatbot can pitch a service offered as a human executive and generate revenue for the company.

How Can Your Home Improvement Business Benefit by Chatbot Marketing?

You can also install a chatbot that can assist in generating leads. You need to design two kinds of chatbots in this situation. The first one will keep track of customers who visit your website. The second type will follow up and send personalized email messages on the discount offers and gift coupons. By this method, you will generate revenue for your home improvement business.

When you use chatbots, a customer can get perfect information about your services and more. For example, he/she can get info on your products, customer service center locations, location of stores, do reservations on behalf of customers. The chatbots can also check customer experiences and give the perfect result. If you have doubts, check with the experts in your business. They may have implemented chatbots for Hangouts, Text messages for their customer care service centers.

Why Do The Customers Prefer Chatbots?

The reason, they do not have to listen to the voices on the IVR. They do not have to press numbers on their mobile to go to the correct department. They can ask the question and get the perfect solution.

  • How To Make Your Home Improvement Business More Popular by Chatbot Marketing – Normal Customer Service

Imagine you have an account with a reputed bank. In your bank statement, you find an extra charge. So, when you call the number of the bank, the IVR comes in. You need to answer the questions. Press the numbers. And by the time, the human executive receives the call, you get frustrated. There are times when you have to hold the call for more than twenty minutes. Consider the same situation with a chatbot customer service. You call the center, and the chatbot answers the call in a few seconds. The same aspect goes for messages. You enter the complaint via the chat box on the website and get an immediate response. It is human behavior to appreciate a response when we have got a problem. So, naturally, the company which has employed chatbots for its customer care service will generate more leads.

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Do not forget the fact, that the chatbots can work 24/7/365. Now, your customer does not have to wait for the customer care service center to open their offices.

  • Better Engagement Of Customers Helps In Popularizing Your Home Improvement Business

Do you notice a difference between the customers of yesteryears and recent times? Yes, if you are a business owner, you know the changes. Customers who lived in the 1980s used to prefer one brand. The new companies had a hard time trying to attract many customers. But the present day customers are more advanced in technical terms. They want the best for their money’s value. To be precise, every customer in the present era wants personalization experience.

Let us explain the scenario once again with an example. You have a company which designs AI chatbots for many companies in Mumbai. You have a new client (a household service company in Mumbai). They provide doorstep repair for best AC service in Mumbai and other household appliances. They want a chatbot which can respond to a customer’s query in seconds, and give the perfect response. Your team has spent an entire week designing not only the codes but also the correct responses.

The company management is happy with the result. It is only a matter of time before their sales hit a peak in online orders.

  • Improving Your Business By Chatbot Marketing – Rule of Businesses

As per the industry experts, a business or company which can boast of a quick response to a customer will gain more sales. Nowadays, every company has a social media marketing executive to be present on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. The reason, they can give fast responses to customers.

The use of chatbots for messenger marketing is still in the nascent stage. In the future, messaging apps will have chatbot technology implemented in their applications. This is to deliver better interaction response with customers.

  • How To Increase Customer Numbers for your Business By Chatbot Marketing – Analysis of Customer Data

It is in this section, that the AI chatbots score over other software applications. Imagine, you are the owner of a company which manufacturers branded clothes. Your cloth name is popular all over the world. Now, you also introduce several styles of clothing to meet the expectations of your loyal customers.

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Now, kindly read the last sentence in the above paragraph again. How is it possible, that your style is famous all over the world. The population in every country will prefer different styles, colors and many more. The answer to this question – AI chatbots. Out of the millions of data, it gets off your website, the data is separated as per demographics, the device used to browse your website and even the favorite color. Depending on the data, you introduce several online designs on your website.

The customers in every corner of the globe, visit your website. Now based on the number of visits for a webpage (unique style), you get to know the most preferred online dress. You then give orders to your stitching team for the dress which has got the greatest number of views. This is how your model clothing has remained at the top level for a very long time.

  • Knowing The Target Audience Of Your Business By Chatbots

Based on the demographics and level of revenue generated in a place, you know the target audience. Now you can design clothes as per their need. You need not create designs, posters, banners, and videos for other people.

  • Benefits of Chatbot Marketing – Online Payments

The future of online payment is chatbot apps. You browsed an e-commerce website and bought an expensive saree from your laptop. There was some technical problem. So you made a complaint via the chat option. The bot at the other end responded in a clean manner, gave the perfect solution, and also the method to make your payment in an easy way. If needed, the chatbot can make you go to the desired webpage, and make the transaction without any difficulty.

Half a decade from the present day (that is, June 11, 2019), every E-commerce website will have a payment chatbot app. And it is the need of the hour.


Have you read the last two sentences in the above paragraph? Then, it is the end of the article titled ‘Can Your Home Improvement Business Benefit By Chatbot Marketing?.’ DId you like the article? If yes, a humble request to put a favorable review in the Comments Section.

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