Choosing The Best Baby Drool Bibs According To Age

After adding on stuff like bottles, blankets, clothes, etc., bibs tend to become a secondary thing in a baby’s diaper bag. Not every parent realizes its importance as one of the top essential baby products. The comparatively simple task of bibs creates a doubt that these can be replaced by a blanket or an ordinary hanky.

That’s why one wonders why baby bibs come in so many different styles (mostly because they have one single purpose). But believe us, baby drool bibs game has reached another level. There is a mystery behind why baby bibs come in different types and what different functions do they play.

Different types of baby bibs

Traditionally, only around baby bib with a towel like cloth was used. It was tied around the neck to keep every spill and drool away from your expensive clothing. While you can still make this type available, there are a few more types that have made it to the not so technical product series. Since the standard types of baby bibs are covered, let’s go through the other latest types.

  • Feeding bibs

When the baby is promoted to baby food from the mother’s feed, it definitely becomes messier. To describe the feeding babe, the top looks like a normal one but the bottom has a sewed pocket to catch solid and liquid food. Your effort to protect the baby’s clothes from spilling food is successful.

  • Long-sleeved bibs

Also known as a smock bib, these are worn like a shirt. They are made to cover the baby from the neck to the knee in one piece. It’s foolproof prevention for messier feeding sessions. These bibs are great to prevent any strains on expensive dresses or those are shiny white clothes. It becomes of utmost importance of you feed the baby at any other place than your house. Although a bit bulky, long-sleeved bibs can open up new dimensions of a baby feeding at any place.

  • Drool bibs

This is the most common type and doesn’t look any different from a hanky. If you don’t like any other kind of baby bibs, you can go with this simpler one. This type is the most stupid when the baby is still dependent on a liquid diet and not yet promoted to solid food consumption. Simply tired around their neck and your baby saliva won’t make any difference to his bodysuit. You’ll be saved from doing a lot of laundry with that simple baby bandana bib protecting the baby all over.

  • Disposable bibs

Disposable bibs are not perfect but enough for everyday use. These enter the picture when you want a vacation and don’t want to really care about what products you carried. Once the disposable bib gets stained and all messy, you can just throw it away. It saves you from the effort of keeping the baby in the bag to wash it for utilization again.

Choosing baby bibs according to age

Always concentrate on the quality of baby bibs, sometimes the type needs to be matched with the age of your baby. The regular drool bibs will be most suitable for babies up to 6 months old. Wednesday get a promotion two words solid food, the feeding bibs will be more appropriate. Now, feeding bibs are more ideal for prolonged usage as age increases.

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