The Complete Time Management Guide You Need To Read Right Now

Managing Time can be a really hard task and that’s what every other Individual have to deal with, Whether it be for managing time for your work or for your Home and Vacations, We need to maintain a proper Time Management System For doing that and those who don’t have a proper time management system, They Face a lot of troubles and their Efficiency and Productivity is also Reduced, So In this Guide I will Tell you the Ultimate formula that you need to know about in order to Manage your Most precious valuable time Effectively like a boss, So let’s get started.Time Management

A poor Time management Strategy can cause you Loss in

  1. Productivity will decrease
  2. You will not achieve your Deadlines and Goals
  3. you will complain about not having much time
  4. Workload will increase
  5. Your Quality of work will Decrease
  6. you will get stressed and heated up by the stress level.

So you can guess out how important it is to have a Great Time management strategy for yourself

For effectively managing your Time you need to Follow all the Steps that I’m going to share below.

Plan or Have a Time Table For your Workflow

Yes planning your Work and All the daily activities can be a really great Thing when it comes to effectively managing time. Through this, the person can easily know the importance of management.

When you plan ahead of your Work or activities of your whole day or week or even a month or year, you become more organized and more focused towards achieving those deadlines.

So it’s Important to Have a Plan, Strategy or a Simple Timetable for your Whole Workflow.

In this way, you will stay more organized and focused.

Simplify then Focus

One thing that you should remember while doing those planned activities for that period of time is that you should never think or look after any other work at that time.

This will help you stay more focussed and will also help you to complete your task a lot faster.

I see a lot of people trying to do many different multiple things at once and try to multitask but that’s not how the human brain is Supposed to work.

We humans do not have the ability to multitask, and if we will try to do so then everything will get mixed up and we may get lots and lots of faults and mistakes in our work or anything that we are doing.

So stop multitasking and try to focus on giving your best shot to the work that your doing, Try to give more than 100% at whatever you are doing.

There’s a famous saying – “”

one more thing I would like to say about being more focused is that you should put all the other distractions away from yourself while doing work.

Because in today’s day and age there are lots and lots of distractions designed specially to take our attention and time.

you will have to stronger than those distractions and strongly prohibit all those distractions.

There’s a famous saying – “Your Environment becomes You”.

and If your Environment is not Good enough or distracting then try to find a quiet place for doing your Work.

But If you can’t find a quiet place the Put your Earpods in and Try to Listen to peaceful Piano music or any music that’s pleasant to hear.

I Personally use this technique when my surroundings are very distracting and can’t do anything about it

Simply go to Youtube and Search Study MusicĀ it will bring in all the music lists that will help you focus more on your work

One small tip: Don’t check your social media profiles while doing your work or Entirely Switch off your Phone.

Focus on Evolution, not on Revolution

We, humans, are designed by God in such a way that we tend to make a lot of mistakes.

and by mistakes, we learn a lot of things, So it’s important to make mistakes and Constantly learn from them.

By Evolution here I mean that you should never focus on changing your Time schedule drastically upside down.

Instead, you should focus on taking small steps at a time and making small changes because if you do a drastic change in your routine you will Do do it a day or two or a week but after that, you will lose interest and you will get bored.

So Instead of making a huge change, focus on taking little, small, Tiny steps, because small Steps are the Beg steps.

and Once you get used to making small changes and planning out time and implementing, you will get better at managing your time.

Personal Transformation is a Myth

There’s no such thing like Personal Transformation, you only get better by time by doing more of that work.

so you need to focus on making that first step and starting that work that you’ve planned ahead.

Because I have seen most of the people only plan about doing certain things and not actually doing those things.

Difficult is Good, Challenges are Good because that’s the thing from which a person can learn from and Grow

It only takes a minute to start something and act upon it so by Starting something you put yourself in the position of someone who wants to do something and make a change.

50% of people only plan and don’t take action, so it’s a great opportunity – utilize it and be ahead of that 50% of people.

and another remaining 50 % of people actually start something but only a few people can get the Work Completed.

that means 30% of people start and fail and never try again or never complete.

and the remaining 20% of people are the people who actually get the Work completed.

But here Just completing the given work isn’t just the thing we should focus on.

We should also focus on making our Work Better than that 20% of people and this could only be done by having an Extraordinary level of focus towards our work.

and those who can Achieve that Extraordinary Level of Focus and dedication are the ones who manage their time successfully and most effectively.

and out of that 20 % of people, only 2-3% of people can actually achieve it.

So you have to focus on becoming that 2-3% of people.

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