Debt Consolidation: 101 Guide

In this era of instants, we often sort to borrowing means from an outside source to be able to sustain our needs but most often than not our wants. This is why many of us have debts. Some just have one but a lot of people do have multiple debts. Credit card debts for the instant basic needs then soon enough you’ll get an auto loan then personal loan to be able to maintain that car. Some even has multiple mortgages to pay.

“Debt Consolidation” is when you replace your smaller multiple debts to a one larger one. Like borrowing a huge amount of money to pay off your loans. But before you dive straight into it here are what you need to know:

Check Your Options

Consolidating your debts could mean convenience. You would only need to make one payment per month so you don’t have to keep multiple due dates in mind. One way to do this is to find a low-rate credit card and transfer all your current loan in there. Next are personal loans which usually has a fixed rate and fixed payment terms. It would be more beneficial if you  could pay it off in a shorter term. Another option is a secured loan, these are guaranteed by properties. However, you should always be wary since there’s a high chance of losing your home once you failed in your payments. 

Look for Amenable Terms

You may look for a low-rate personal loan at one of the many comparison sites available out there like which usually helps you to understand which terms would be most beneficial for you. Pick the most convenient one that could cover the over-all consolidated amount of your loan.

It is Not for Everyone

Some people only resort to debt consolidation when it’s already too late. If you have a bad reputation when it comes to loan you may want to check other options but be wary you could fall into the trap of predatory loan sharks which could cause a lot more trouble.

Also, if your debt totals more than half of your income it would be less likely that you’ll be able to pay it off.

Key Takeaway

Debt consolidation can simplify your life by replacing multiple rate loans with one fixed-rate monthly payment but do not do this just for convenience. Unless you are overwhelmed with the monthly left and right payments date, the ease of a single monthly due is not sufficient reason to resort to this option.

Remember that consolidating debt does not get you out of it; improving your spending habit and discipline does.

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