Do Betta Fish Sleep | Let’s Find Out When and How?

People around the world keep bettas and always do care for their diet, tank size, tank mates and water temperature but they forget to inquire about their sleep, and it leads to difficulties in providing the best environment to betta fish at night for sleeping.

Many of the betta keepers are eager to know the sleeping routine of their little bettas so that they could provide suitable conditions for them.

After receiving numerous queries about sleeping routine of betta fish, I decided to choose this topic to guide my readers with updated and practical information so that they could take care of their bettas in a much better way.

Do betta fish sleep?

Most of the people think that betta fish does not sleep that is totally wrong. Betta fish is a highly active fish during whole day and mostly at the night as well, but it needs to sleep at one point or another. The answer for this question surely yes! They do sleep.

How do betta fish sleep?

It can cause confusion as betta fish do not have the eye lids so many of us get confused that when and how our little friend sleeps. So, let me tell you that betta fish sleeps when it realizes that it’s the nighttime and mostly loves to sleep while hiding. It is important to turn off the lights at a specific time in the night and turn them on at specific time everyday so that your betta could have a nice sleep.

When do betta fish sleep?

Betta fish sleeps when the lights are turned off at night because it helps them to realize that it is the perfect time to sleep! It is necessary for you to decide particular time to turn off the lights and to turn them back on at the right time every day!

When a betta fish is sleeping, its gills and breathing movement becomes very slow and this is the indication that your betta fish is sleeping.

Do not panic if you see that your betta’s breathing patterns are getting slow at night because its their natural process of sleeping

Do betta fish sleep a lot?

No, betta fish does not sleep for many hours. However, betta fish needs small naps after some time in days and nights as well.

Different behaviors have been observed in bettas, some of them could be very active and hardly sleep at night and some of them could be so lazy that they hardly like to be awake and swim around!
Do betta fish sleep on the bottom?

Betta fish is a living thing and needs rest like other animals. They like to sleep in their private space. Some bettas like to sleep at the bottom of the tank, some betta fish like to sleep while hiding behind the ornament in their tank and some of them would like to sleep on a big leaf remembering their life in the wild!

Do betta fish sleep with light on?

No, betta fish finds it difficult to sleep with the lights on at the time of night. It is so much important to turn off the lights at the right time if you do not want your betta to be stressed out!
How long do betta fish sleep?

The normal duration of a betta fish to sleep is 8 hours/night but this routine is varied from one betta to another. Every betta fish has its own sleeping needs and it gets into their tank’s bed accordingly!

Remember to provide an environment without any lights on at the time of night so that your betta could not be stressed out!
Do betta fish sleep upside down?

Betta fish have different types of sleeping habits. Some of the betta fish like to sleep at the bottom of the tank, some like to sleep on a leaf and some like to sleep upside down which is normal but sleeping most of the time upside down can cause health issues

Do betta fish sleep with their eyes open?

Yes, they sleep without closing their eyes. Betta fish do not have eyelids so they can sleep anytime. You can identify whether they are sleeping or not by looking at its gills. When a betta fish is sleeping then its breathing and gills movement becomes slow!
Do betta fish sleep vertically?

Betta fish is an aggressive fish and know as Siamese Fighter Fish. Their sleeping routine and way of sleeping varies from one another. There are many of the bettas that love to sleep vertically but there are many of them too who like to sleep horizontally.

Moreover, there are many of the bettas who sleeps on a leaf as they were used to sleeping when they lived in the wild.

Many other bettas like to sleep at the surface of the tank or while hiding in the ornament you have provided them!

The information shared above regarding do betta fish sleep is well researched and provided right away from the experts and real-life betta keepers. It will help you to better take care of your betta and it happy and healthy while living with you!

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