Few Significant Reason To Drink Coffee Every Day

When we talk about the coffee, we think about the energy it gave to us. But it is not only the source of energy but also beneficial for human health in many aspects. More than 2 billion people all around the world drink coffee every day. If you are the coffee lover, then you should read this blog till the end. Here in this blog, we are going to discuss a few reasons why one should consume coffee daily. There are various brands of coffee available in India. Thus fix your brands and enjoy its flavor and benefits.

Top Few Reason To Drink Coffee

Although there are various reason to drink coffee here we have listed only a few ideas which are:

  • Presence of Antioxidant

The human body produces free radical as their body waste and drinking of coffee neutralize the free radicals because it is antioxidant. The free radicals should be avoided because it may lead to inflammation.

  • Provides short term memory boost

A study conducted in Australia exhibited that the consumption of coffee offers short term boost in your memory. The targeted volunteer receives 100 milligrams of caffeine, the brain activity of them increases, which is confirmed by the functional magnetic resonance imagery (fMRI).

  • Protect The Consumer From Various Kinds Of Brain Diseases

As it is mentioned above that the coffee provides an energy boost, it also protects you from the various kind of neuron disorder such as Alzheimer, Parkinson’s disease, and others. According to the result of the few studies, those people who are drinking the 3-5 cup of coffee daily have less chance of getting Alzheimer in old age.

  • Good For Heart Health

A study conducted on 37,000 people over 13 years exhibited that people who drink a 4-6 cup of coffee daily have 20% less chance of getting heart disease as compare to the nondrinker and low coffee drinkers.

  • Avoid Metabolic Disorder

Huge masses around the globe are facing diabetes (a metabolic disorder). But a study conducted in 2014 over 48,000 people stated that people who consume a 5-6 cup of coffee every day has 11% less chance of getting diabetes. Whereas other study conducted in 2009 says that the possibility of getting diabetes decreases by 7% with each cup of coffee.

  • Lower The Chance Of Cirrhosis

Your liver loves drinking coffee. The consumption of coffee protects you from liver cancer, liver infection, and other types of liver disease. There are several studies which say that the use of coffee lowers the change of Cirrhosis by 20%

  • Helps In Regular Exercise

Regular exercise keeps you healthy, and consumption of coffee on the daily basis help you with that. Most of the trainer recommend you to drink coffee both pre and post-workout because it helps you to avoid the fatigue, which allows you to perform the exercise for the long time.

  • Help you to Get Rid Of Depression

Multiple studies stated that the drinking of coffee lowers the chance of getting depression. There is a significant relationship between depression and coffee consumption; the heavy coffee drink seems to reduce the change of depression by up to 20%.

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